Leapfrog Didj: Handheld Linux on the Cheap

Today our good friends over at Woot! are selling the Leapfrog Didj, a low cost educational toy aimed at little kids. Lucky for hackers out there, the Didj is actually a linux device, and gaining serial console access is as easy as soldering two wires. The documentation out there is a little outdated, with a number of broken links and stale wikis, but $25 for a portable linux device is a hard deal to beat. A list of sites which might be helpful are listed after the break, as well as the hardware specs of the Didj.

Let us know if you have played around with hacking the Didj before, and if you have any tips for other readers. Don’t forget to tell us what you do with the Didj as well!

Thanks to [Mark] for the tips and the hardware details.

(Possibly) Useful links:

Hardware Specs:

* Processor: 393 MHz Arm 9
* Display: 320×240 resolution
* One 24-bit 2D layer (no hardware acceleration)
* One 16-bit 3D layer
* One YUV video layer (no hardware acceleration)
* Graphics: API OpenGL ES 1.1–A reduced instruction set version of OpenGL for embedded systems
* Main RAM: 32 MB DDRI 131 MHz
* NAND Flash: 256MB for data storage/download content
* Media Cartridge: 64MB
* System Software: Brio–Firmware is built on an abstraction layer called Brio to make OS and hardware transparent to developers. This means all software must be ported to Brio to run on this device.
* Screen LCD: 3.2 inches, 16.7-Million Color TFT

62 thoughts on “Leapfrog Didj: Handheld Linux on the Cheap

  1. @Awesomenesser

    I’ve updated the wiki with some a early revision of a SD and UART cartridge and it’s Eagle files. I’ve also added the dimensions of your diagram to the library you posted and uploaded it to the wiki as well. I’d like feedback about the design from anyone. I think it’s sight but more eyes = better.

  2. Now I wish I had had the money to buy the Rovio, this could’ve been hacked into a receiver/controller. (with the addition of a transceiver added to the card-slot, ofc)

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