Leapfrog Didj: Followup

Yesterday we mentioned the Woot! sale of the Didj, and we had some comments and emails from readers who had purchased one. We couldn’t resist either, and ordered a couple to take apart and modify. We will probably be following the work laid out by [Claude Schwarz], who seems to be one of the leading hackers on the scene. [Claude] has done some work in porting the GP2x libraries to the Didj, which gives a tremendous head start to anyone looking to have a working game system any time soon. There will also be a build log for everyone to follow along at home, and contribute what you want and have, as well as a follow up How-To when a working system is attained. Happy Hacking, everyone.

25 thoughts on “Leapfrog Didj: Followup

  1. Yeah, get me an NES emulator running and I’ll be thrilled! I bought it just because it was cheap and hackable, but I don’t much need it so I’m hoping to turn it into a simple NES box and then give it to my girlfriend. I just wanted something to hack, haha.
    Wish it had more buttons!
    Thanks all!

  2. Yeah, I realized that the little question mark button would make a great third button for Genesis Emulators!

    And it would even be cool to relocate it and some of the others to have 4 buttons for NES emulation!

    Can’t wait to get mine!

  3. @NatureTM. Yes it can at 1900X1600@400fps. It also runs Mass Effect 2 without any hacking, you simply take a Xbox360 disc set, carefully cut them into pieces to fit in the cartridge slot and push them in one at a time.

    It’s got better graphics than the top of the line ATI card! and a quad core 5ghz processor in there!

    Oh and the screen is OLED, and it has GSM plus WIMAX in it.

  4. Well, let’s see… you want a cheap emulation console?

    Try the Dingoo A320. True, the Dingoo A320 has gotten far more “buzz” than this leapfrog toy. But it has 4 buttons, L+R buttons, a better d-pad, tv-out, miniSD card slot… built-in NES/SNES/GBA/GB/CPS1/CPS2/Megadrive/Neogeo emulators… and yes, you can install linux on it. For $80.

    So give back the Didj to your kids, get yourself a real hackable console.

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