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If you think there’s never enough computerized numerical control in your life perhaps the pizza plotter should be your next project. This is a large 2-axis machine that shoots pressurized sauce onto a pizza crust. It’s a food-grade RepStrap and appears to use a garden sprayer as a reservoir. They learned their lesson when a loose hose clamp sprayed sauce around the room. We’re thinking this is a bit of reinventing the wheel as pizza-making factories but it’s fun nonetheless.

37 thoughts on “Print Your Own Pizza

  1. With experience working at Little Caesars, I’ll tell you… that is way too much sauce.

    I think the measurement is 3oz for a large pizza. It’s got to be spread evenly and very thin.

  2. there are too many ways to serve a pizza to mention, extra sauce is not a problem, I agree with the turntable idea, could even rig a large spoon to the side of the sauce distributor to smooth out the sauce as the crust spins, now we need to put it on a conveyor and get it over to the autocheeser, and then off to the auto topper, this could be lots of fun to implement.

  3. Turntable Sauce machines already exist. The franchise where work (little caesars) we are basically testing them. I also believe we own the most. The company is Wunder-bar.

    Also it’s not 3 ounces of sauce. it’s more than that but not much more.

  4. Agreed with peter regarding the pauses – wtf. It should be capable of very smooth circles, etc – it does a loose octagon with terrible stops – and no solenoid valve to start/stop the flow during the pauses. Don’t publish your work until its not garbage.

    @ little caesars people above == 3oz is not enough for good pizza. little ceasars shouldn’t exit their pizza is so terrible. I guess selling to a price point has its limitations (selling garbage).

  5. @frollard, I think the purpose of publishing a work is to display what they have developed so far. I’d rather see v1.0, v1.1,v1.2,v1.3 of a design than a finished v4.0. If we aren’t here to learn then I guess we are just showing off? Then we are no better then the chest thumping jocks that plagued our high schools years ago.

  6. overkill. simply spin the dough and linear actuate from the middle out. I can do this with only a couple of logic chips and limit switches.

    Now get me a dough squirter to make the crust, then feed a stick of pepperoni into a slicer as well as a cheese dumper and you got a “print a pizza” device instead of a “squirt a goo” device that is mislabelled as a print a pizza device.

  7. I don’t get this at all. What is the point if you can do it faster and better by hand? It isn’t even like this produces actual pizzas, it just completes (poorly) a single step in the process. A human still has to do the other steps manually.

    Plus, as already said, there are a number of ways to automate this much better.

  8. 3 oz. of sauce? For a large( 14 in.) pizza?? I think I hear several Italian pie makers rolling in their graves. That’s like saying you use real shredded mozzarella on your pizza. As any true pie maker would tell you, trying to shred it breaks it up and therefore makes it unuseable for the pizza. That’s why it’s always sliced.

    Damn, now I’m hungry. Where the hell did that menu go?

  9. Costco puts it’s sauce on pizzas using the “cd burning” like method someone mentioned above, it only takes a few seconds and is too much fun to watch.

    The costco by my place has a window into the kitchen specifically where they do that.

  10. I used to work at Domino’s Pizza and my store got a machine that automatically sauced pizzas for consistency. It had a rotating turntable and a spigot that would drop sauce from the outside in as it spun. yeah that would be cd burning method too.

  11. @Pizza Guy

    More than likely using the FDM method that everyone seems to be dead set on using for making pizza, it would end up being more of a slurry paste put down in a somewhat circular pattern while a heated platform was brought up to temperature that slowly cooked the bottom of the “pizza” so that you could transfer it to an oven.

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