Update: Adafruit Eagle Library, Now With Arduino

Adafruit Industries has just added an Arduino shield footprint to their EagleCAD library. If you don’t know, the Arduino headers use non-standard pin spacing. Learn to deal with it, there’s too many Arduino shields in production to have any hope for a change in the future. This footprint should make it a lot easier to design your own boards. If you use this package make sure you’re getting the library from their github, they’ve been adding parts regularly. Setting up version control will make sure you always have the latest libraries.

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9 thoughts on “Update: Adafruit Eagle Library, Now With Arduino

      1. Looks like they removed it from the application at some point. I just remade one starting from one for EAGLE[1] from Macetech. Here is the post:


        Drop the XML file inside the ZIP into your \ProgramData\PCB123\BoardTemplates folder (on Windows 7, wherever on XP) and then use the Open Template command on the File menu to start a new board.

        I took the trouble to convert polygons to real pads and assign them net name. I hope it’s useful.

        [1] http://www.macetech.com/blog/node/92

  1. Oh gawd…. there’s a learning curve to getting the download from github… OR you have to sign up. Spent two nights retrying the download, updating my eagle to the latest, you name it, the download is always corrupt. Tried IE, tried firefox, opened firewall all the way, grabbed the laptop and ghosted it back to XP fresh load, same results. Help doesn’t help… I’m an electronics hacker, don’t wanna be a web hacker… how about putting the needed clues right up front for us that just need to know how to obtain these PUBLIC files…

  2. Thanks axodus for your 20 words of complete and accurate information!

    in my opinion github may be fine for version control of all manner of files but it is so completely lacking an intuitive and user friendly interface, and does not follow commonly accepted and widely know practices, that it will have a large negative impact on any attempt to use it to distribute files to any target audience outside that of the current github community, (IE the general public).

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