Built-in Hex Editor Unlocks Plasma TV Features

[Nick] tipped us off about a guide to unlock extra features on Panasonic televisions. The hack works on the G10 models of plasma TVs and uses the service menu to gain access to the EEPROM memory. With a few quick steps you can change some data with a built in hex editor, unlocking several new settings menus, or bricking your entertainment centerpiece. We’ve seen some Samsung TV hacking in the past and hope that with increased processing power in today’s models we’ll someday see consumer TVs available with open-source firmware so that we can integrate of our favorite entertainment software.

79 thoughts on “Built-in Hex Editor Unlocks Plasma TV Features

  1. @mac @digitaldazz

    Well done for exploring this hack.

    I understand that the hack effectively runs the G10 internal software as a G10E (European) rather than G10B (UK) thus loosing the Freeview/ Freesat EPG etc.

    Does changing the HEX back to “03” from “20” return the G10 to its G10B status and thus the Freeview/ Freesat EPG works as normal?

    I use external hard disk recorder with built in turners and I’m not fussed about loosing the EPGs on the TV. I would like to return the TV back to normal conditions at a later date though.

    There is a lot of talk at AV Forums about this hack. It’s apparant that Panasonic have removed these advanced WB/ Gamma features from the G10B just to market position the V10 and it’s THX setting. The V10 about £300 more than the G10B.

  2. Hi all..
    a quick question (@mac? :))
    with g15E it’s possible to unlock the dvb-s without choosing germany/austria/switzerland?
    I cant understand if you can unlock the satellite menu too or what

  3. @Frisi

    The only viable alternatives to change the device identifier to were the G10E or GW10. G10e doesn’t feature a sat tuner afaik so I went for the GW10. It was my understanding that Panasonic only enabled the sat services in those countries although I’m not 100% on this. Still it works:)

    G15B – G15E would perhaps be different in that the sat tuner may well be available in all countries.

  4. @mac
    g15e got sat tuner, but if you dont choose germany/austria/switzerland you cant receive sat channels… But if i set for example “germany”, the guide+ dont work and i lose the default channel numeration for my country (italy).
    Panasonic is selling a tv, saying that include dvb-t and dvb-s… but they dont tell you that you can’t use dvb-s in italy.. it’s ridicolous.
    I’m trying to fix this, maybe with a firmware hack or something that can allow me to unlock the dvb-s tuner menu :(

  5. TX-P42G15B UK TV – Following the guide through to the memory editor at line 40 I have:
    19 06 19 00 31 02 02 20

    i.e. 02 not 03 at position 6.

    Why would this be different??

    As there is a difference I have not proceeded to change to 0F (for the G15) until I can get some feedback regarding his.

  6. @ Kalaglow

    It’s different on a G15 as that value is the device identifier. 0F is the device identifier for a G15e so changing it to that will enable the advanced menus.

    ITV HD is now viewable with a manual tune for those that have already hacked btw.

  7. @mac

    On the 9th Feb you mentioned to get the freesat to work you need to restore to factory conditions and select Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

    Can I just confirm whether this is just for G15’s or is it for both G15 and G10 sets?

    Also, could you give me a pointer on how to retune BBC HD & ITV HD.

    I haven’t actually got my G10 yet but this sounds like it would be very useful to do from day one.

  8. Ehruell – Yes to renable the sat tuner, after the hack, you need to do a factory reset and change your location to one of those countries.

    That is true of g10 and G15, probably the V10 too but noones tries it on a V yet.

    I don’t use the sat tuner at the mo so I’m not the best to ask. Join Av Forums and post a question in either the G10 or G15 thread as I know there are people there who have done it. Failing that, I’ll try and dig out the info later.

  9. ITV HD (must be transmitting to tune)

    Use the “Other Sat. Channels” tuning menu. Use the Manual tuning option and ITV HD is at Freq. 11.427, polarisation H, symbol rate 27.5.

    BBC HD

    Select DVB-S
    Go to menu then setup
    Then manual Tuning
    and enter the following

    (28.2° East)
    Frequency: 10.84700 GHz (don’t worry about the decimal point)
    Vertical polarisation
    Symbol rate: 22.0 Mbaud
    Service ID – 6940

    After you have entered the details, press OK to start a scan. After a few second it will find it. BBC HD will be automatically added at the bottom of your channel list. You just need to add it to favourites after that.

  10. OH MY GOD. To the author of this hack, please can we have more hex hacks for other models!? Eg. 2008/2009 models??

    I’ve been wanting to fix the gamma for a very long time on my pana 50PX80A. I always suspected something was possible in the memory editor, now finally something comes to the surface but it’s not for my model AHHHHHHH :O

  11. Recently hacked my G10 fine with no problems.

    I would like to update my TV to the latest firmware though, can I just follow the guide and revert back to the default settings in HEX then try to update or is this a bad idea?

  12. you can find it out if it work, the same line 00000040 applies. change 06 to 09. can you brick your plasma or not.. and.. report back here results. ;)

    1907190071060220 <– UK model 42G20B
    1907190071090220 <– EU model 42GW20

  13. Unfortunately I own an panasonic tx-32led7fm lcd tv and strangely in the tv menu there is an open source GPL licence agreement referring to the open source software in the tv.
    also curiously, the tv sports an SD card reader that doesnt seem to do anything. It would be sweet to be able to load custom firmware through that sd slot…

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