‘Mod In The USA’ N900 PUSH Competition

Just when you think you’ve heard all you can about the N900 PUSH competition, we have some more news for you.

The original PUSH competition was only for UK members, but now Nokia has introduced the ‘Mod in the USA‘ N900 PUSH competition. Similar to the original, anyone (within region) can submit a cool mod, hack, useful creation that would use the N900. Winners will be selected, and thats when the differences start.

There will be a $10,000 for 1st prize, and smaller prizes for 2nd and 3rd. Plus a trip to Vegas to showcase the 3 winning hacks at CTIA 2010 as well as funding, N900s and support to build the mods.

Don’t have an idea but still want to try? They have a discussion group to get the juices flowing, or you could always discuss in our comments.

[Update: The original PUSH competition was actually world wide. Thanks Matt and Ricardo]

14 thoughts on “‘Mod In The USA’ N900 PUSH Competition

  1. Hi all
    I am a french hack and modder
    is there any ticket to win to go to vegas for us french crazy folks???
    I have a few dozen little ideas for such a phone
    there is no french hacking scene
    please help us around the world share our ideas and inventions

  2. ok, so is attaching a large solar panel to it and having an astronaut on your team to place it between the sun and the earth, (solar panel facing the sun of course) making the worlds lightest satellite, (sticking a nice lens on it if you want) possible or do we have no way for the N900 to send us pictures that far? lol. add little servos and rockets for aim and maneuvering..
    if the cellphone cant transmit to earth, at least hack it to be completely manageable via bluetooth access, then the astro-hacker can download pictures and clear the memory when they are like 300ft away :D lol im not sure if that qualifies for the contest but if it does then do eet!
    or did someone already say N900 in SPACE

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    anyway that advertisement for MACDVDCOPY is an example of what makes me NOT buy something.

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