Ez430 Home Automation

[Oliver] has been doing some work to use his TI ez430 Chronos wristwatch for some home automation. He’s working with a RF controllable lightbulb adapter which operates in the 433 MHz band. A dirt-cheap breadboard-friendly transmitter is available from Seeed Studios and he uses this in conjunction with a computer and an Arduino. Before the trolls get to their thing, YES, this is incredible overkill. But remember that he’s prototyping. We hope that if he intends to actually use this setup he’ll migrate to something like an ATtiny2313 running V-USB. Better yet, you should be able to tap into the watch’s companion receiver and cut the computer out completely.

If you’re easily amused you’ll appreciate the video of a light turning on and off after the break. If you’re a little harder to please then take a look at Oliver’s methods of using Python processing for the watch’s data.

Ok, now we’ve seen this watch turning on lights and unlocking doors. What else ‘ya got?

12 thoughts on “Ez430 Home Automation

  1. The primary reason I’m interested in the TI Chronos – turning the light on and off in my home. Still waiting for the 433MHz to be released. My current remote controller runs at 433.92MHz with a 5 dip-switch to control up to five different receivers (that effectively turn the light on or off), so getting it to work would be no big problem.

    Just waiting for it to ship in Sweden though..

  2. Great minds think alike. I’ve been looking forward to trying this since I first saw the Chronos.

    I’m still waiting for the 433MHz version though, then I’ll see if I can use the Home Easy protocol straight from the watch.

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