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[thetanktheory] sent us his glove mouse modification.  He has gutted his mouse and mounted the parts on a glove. This is interesting, as he doesn’t have to place his hand on the mouse any more, he just plops it down on any surface and starts mousing.  He claims that it is helping his twitch reactions in gaming as somehow it requires less force, but we still see the circuit and batteries mounted on the back of his hand, so we’re not sure how it is helping. Maybe if he moved the laser to his finger tips, he’d be more accurate.

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  1. To address the original posts comment about the weight of the device and it’s responsiveness, the weight is better supported on the top of the hand as opposed to having to move the object with the force of your fingers. Instead the bulk of the device is moved by your natural hand gestures. And ultimately I intend to build this so that the battery and board no longer have to be moved @ all. And I will be taking into account the great idea about the fingertip sensors.

  2. indeed, it is simple enough to type with right now but truthfully not very comfortable to do so. I’m working on an improved version and experimenting with different gloves made from thinner, lighter materials. I’ll be posting my build log pretty soon.

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