Build Your Own Lightweight Flash Tripod

[Peter Karlsson] is a commercial photographer who wanted some ultralight, portable supports for multiple flashes. What he came up with meets those goals; measuring 16 inches long when folded and weighing just 14 ounces. They set up just like a tent because they’re made from tent poles. Like the portable habitats, the tripods have bungee cords running through each section which holds them rigid but allows them to fold for transport. This is a great sister project to the flash synchronizer from yesterday. See the demo and the building instructions after the break.

Demo video

Building instructions

[Thanks Juan]

8 thoughts on “Build Your Own Lightweight Flash Tripod

  1. This is beyond helpful and brilliant!

    using speedlights and umbrellas for traveling flashes is pretty normal, but then you probably still have that monster of a light stand. Some of the strobists will use minitripods and plant hangers to avoid carrying a light stand.

    I think I might have to make one and slip it in with my 4×5 field camera the next time i go back packing.

  2. I can’t be the first person to think that Googtube needs to add a 2x and 3x playback speed option. The second video is 8 minutes long, and is redundant after watching the first video. What I was looking for was what the results look like, but I just couldn’t stomach the entire 8 minutes just for that.

    Nice idea though. It’s great to see how others can repurpose other products.

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