LEGO Sequencer Builds Sound In 3D

[Yoshi Akai] built a sequencer that is part steampunk, part injection molded plastic. The LEGO sequencer MR II has eight steps in a loop that is manipulated by adding the colorful blocks to a green base plate. Each color corresponds to one particular sound which can be modified by building skyward. On the other side of things he’s added a beautifully crafted control area for knobs and switches. We didn’t see much info about what is inside the device so, watch the clip after the break and then feel free to start the speculation in the comments.

This is a similar concept to the coin sequencer. From the picture above it seems the blocks have been altered and perhaps use light to identify the different blocks.


[Thanks Fuzzthed via Westword]

15 thoughts on “LEGO Sequencer Builds Sound In 3D

  1. the sounds are absolutely horrible! i could not hear the full length of the movie, skipping though it was ok.
    the idea is nice, i think is was more fun to do i project like this than listen to the result.

  2. The 2*4 blocks appear to have a resistor going between the centre pins of the two 2*2 that make up the block. There also looks to be 2 metal pins boing up through the blocks. I think the tone is most likely to be modulated by the resistors that are stacked up in parralel when the blocks are stacked.

  3. I agree with @mattbed, it looks like it’s using components in the legos rather than some sort of light detection. I think the blinking led is just a user indication mechanism.

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