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[Brian] wrote in to show us a site he’s been working on for a while. He’s been building a tube clock database. We didn’t realize there was actually a big enough draw for such a site, but we have to admit that we spent more than a few minutes browsing through the different clocks. There isn’t a ton of data for each clock, but there are links to individual project pages wherever available. There is also a growing amount of information on the different components themselves, so submit any data you have that he’s missing to help flesh it out.

The video above wasn’t chosen for any reason other than it is quite stylish.

16 thoughts on “Tube Clock Database

  1. Credit where it’s due, that’s a lush looking clock but I just spent 2:07 waiting for something, anything, to happen.

    Creating a video for that content where a simple photo would have sufficied is the media equivalent of using an Arduino to flash an LED.

  2. @localroger, That would be the million dollar question. The tube part number is VFD48-1202FN, they are made by BOE Display Technology, based out of Shaoxing, China. Nobody seems to be selling the displays at wholesale prices, but Kosbo (the maker of the clock shown in the article) sells the displays separately on Ebay for about $20 dollars each. You can find them by doing a search on Ebay for “VFD ROUND CLOCK DISPLAY”.

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