Didgeridoo, Now Does Real Time Video

Some of you may remember when we introduced you to [Kyle’s] Electronically Modified Didgeridoo. Those same members will have their hearts warmed knowing he’s still playing and advancing on his Didgeridoo, now including real time video processing. There isn’t too many details aside from it being controlled by an ATMega168 and an unknown analog switching chip, and in its infancy it just looks like a bunch of dancing white lines but we expect this to turn into one amazing display.

Oh, and those determined on making their own Electronically Modified Didgeridoo should keep an eye out for the April ’10 issue of Popular Science where the instrument will be featured.

8 thoughts on “Didgeridoo, Now Does Real Time Video

  1. I saw his didgeridoo in a recent issue of Popular Science. I’m glad he is still working on it, it’s quite an instrument. My grandfather and I got a kick out of the project, as we both play didgeridoos as well.

  2. While it does sound awesome, I was under the impression that the “modules” bore into the instrument and augment the properties to alter its sounds with the help of the computer. I was sorely disappointed when I saw this:

    He just has an unaltered didg and mounted controls to it to tell the computer how to play the sounds back via /speakers/ :( sad sad, nothing to see here, move along…

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