GPS Embedded In Visor

We’re all for putting a GPS where it doesn’t normally go, but we’re not sure [Roberto’s] version* is the best of locations. Take for example [Jair2k4’s] GPS. It doesn’t block out 50% of his vision of the road and the impending accident in front of him.

Regardless, the solid aluminum and seamless mounting really does make it look like part of the car, and props to him for making it ‘hidden’ when he’s out of the car to try and prevent thieves. But there are cheaper, easier, and dare we say better solutions out there.

*We found his site only works in Internet Explorer, gah!

38 thoughts on “GPS Embedded In Visor

  1. Really pretty and nicely hewn-in design. really great finish. I’m not sure I would put GPS/Nav there but it’s a great idea for a starting point — how about diagnostic info from the car, so you don’t need to always keep an eye on it but you can flip it down if it starts running funny or you think it’s on the way to overheating? Great design principles followed here and look at how stunning the outcome is!

    Well done!

    on a scale of 0-10, with 10 as the most difficult, where would you place it?

  2. He says “Completely integrated in the original sunvisor” so if that’s the stock visor as supplied by BMW, I’d guess that the 2 inches of visibility is a trick of the eye. Maybe he needs to take a photo from another angle, the drivers seat maybe.

    Needs a LED or three ;-)

  3. Doesn’t your car have a sunvisor? You should follow the spoken instructions, not look at it all the time. There’s no reason to move the sunvisor out of the way once you have setup the route. The main goals where to make it functional and look good. I don’t see why the windscreen, dash or console are any better places for the GPS, and I’ve used all of them before in other cars. On top of all this, I think it looks good. (yes, I have to admit that there are very stylish suction cup mounts out there…) :-)

  4. The site appears to work fine in WebKit browsers (safari, for example). Also, I don’t see the fuss about view obstruction. If it’s the original visor, then maybe we need to get mad at the sun for blocking our view of the road?

    Basically, I’m saying that I think this is really cool. The only critique is that, yes, we know it’s a mini. We don’t need the badge and the boot-screen, that’s just too many logos.

  5. Don’t forget that constant changes of eye focus from visor to the road will put additional strain on the eye muscles. It’s better when the GPS is mounted farther away, as the eyes don’t need to adjust focus that much.

  6. Normally you’ll fold those visors out some toward the front, effectively lifting the bottom edge up. Jeez guys. He should have made it flop down and swing out with gravity, hinged at the top, to compensate and allow the visor to be opened all the way forward properly if viewing is an issue.

    Or just hire a short chick to drive him around.

  7. I know the if visor in my wife’s is set perpendicular to my vision (strait up and down) I can’t see anything but about 3 ft in front of the bumper. But if I set it all the way forward it’s awesome. So the question is what angle can you see and read the screen? (side note: I hate when I’m driving into the sun when it’s lower then the traffic lights, would be nice to make one out of very dark plastic.)

  8. this is very nicely done, but the 2 inch view is a prolem. however, this would be great to check directions at a traffic light or use voice so you dont need the screen down all the time

  9. Solid aluminum enclosure in visor, folded back when you know where you’re going.. + car crash = de-brain-ify?

    Put it in a pillow enclosure with an flexible AMOLED, and I’d be less scared.

  10. Nice build. As a quick flip down device to read while stopped, neat. A HUD would be even neater, but is obviously a considerable design challenge.

    Anyone who’s taken the time to read their car’s manual would know that the visor is intended to be rotated flat against the windshield when in use… and yes, I do usually deploy it with the blade edge aimed at the bridge of my nose.

  11. 90% (made up number) of people who have car GPS systems don’t even need them. At least not enough to require a dedicated car mount.

    You’re not going to get lost driving from home to work or going to the grocery store.


  12. @*We found his site only works in Internet Explorer, gah!

    Considering hackaday is currently displaying meaningless strings of latin accented vowels instead of article titles unless I disable style sheets in Firefox, I wouldn’t be complaining…

  13. The closer you are to the visor, the more you’ll see through those “two inches”. Back here in Europe the roads are generally only below the horizon. I Have yet to see a floating road or car that is crucial to notice during driving.

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