Are you human? Resistor edition

[PT] tipped us off about a new way to screen bots from automatically leaving comments. Resisty is like CAPTCHA but it requires you to decipher color bands on a resistor instead of mangled text. This won’t do much for the cause of digitizing books, but if you can never remember your color codes this is a good way to practice. Resisty comes as a plug-in for WordPress, add it to your blog and for a geek cred +1.

72 thoughts on “Are you human? Resistor edition

  1. I’m a tetrachromat and I’m still extremely offended that I’m forced to use monitors and other equipment that only use 3 primary colors when I can see 4. I believe this is extremely damaging to my well-being and everyone should get on fixing this for that unlucky 0.00001% of us who have to deal with your dulled down senses right away.

  2. As many have posted already – i don’t see this as much of a learning experiment or whatever the owner says it it, seeing as I’m red/green deficient. I also mix blues and purples regularly. makes teaching your kids colours tricky when they’ve torn the crayon wrappers off. also makes hunting difficult – try following a blood trail in the fall – red coloured leaves on the ground… not easy (side note – running prey usually leave a nice enough foot trail for the most part though). I personally see this more of a deterrent to bother with the site, seeing as i have to use a multimeter to ‘read’ resistors – those don’t work with websites…

  3. @ susie B “forced to use monitors and other equipment that only use 3 primary colors when I can see 4. ”

    what exactly is the 4th primary colour? as far as i was ever taught there was only three… did you perhaps leave off your sarcasm tag by accident??

  4. Those of us who are Differently-Abled prefer the term “Chromatically Challenged”. Please don’t refer to us as “color-blind”. It only demonstrates your inability to empathize with our situation.

    Thank you.

    …and always remember: “Bad boys…but Violet gives willingly!”

    (and for the more politically correct: “Better be right or your great big venture goes west!”)

  5. I TOTALLY agree, that’s such an awesome idea. No more first posts etc,.

    Btw, screw colourblind people, it’s like people with peanut allergies. If you allow people with peanut allergies to “procreate” and make children, they will most likely be allergic to peanuts too. I can only assume this goes the same for colourblind people.

    Seriously world wtf, our world is slowly devouring itself because the whole “big dog on top” where natural illness and disease would wipe out people that were not immune to it. Only the strongest survive they say, people used to die from the flu for christ sakes. Now they have a cure for that, so theres no need to build up a resistance to that kind of thing no.

  6. As 5% to 9% of the male population are (knowingly) color-blind, these people are imho not neglectable as an audience.
    But if you really want to lock out 5% – 9% of all male internet-users, then just f*cking do it and live with the fact, that you’re gonna have that less visitors.

    btw: I’m color-blind too.

  7. I posted the problems and was told I needed to read the code first before I could complain which I had already done. I sent them a detailed description of the problems and explained how trivial it would be to script a spam bot. I know how easy it is because I have a prototype on my site. I have a form with no captcha on my site that will post a comment to their site (with no authentication).

    Whereas adafruit is in the top 100k of all internet sites search engines give more weight to links than other sites. Furthermore they are distributing this as a security product which makes them negligent. It looks like they are not using the colorblind friendly version which means they do not care about accessibility.

    As a responsible security professional I have notified the vendor (adafruit) and described the problems. If they do not respond I will be compelled to release my code (which I don’t want to do).

  8. @Archeious – Too late dude.

    See the following posts in this thread:
    Posted at 7:50 pm on Apr 21st, 2010 by Freiheit
    Posted at 7:53 pm on Apr 21st, 2010 by adafruit support
    Posted at 8:00 pm on Apr 21st, 2010 by Freiheit
    Posted at 8:04 pm on Apr 21st, 2010 by adafruit support

    Phil@adafruit did a good job writing it, admits its an educational tool not a CAPTCHA, shares that adafruit does more aggressive post filtering than what we see, AND I already posted the significant outline of how to crack it.

    It’d be neat to see your code though.

  9. @Archeious – Freiheit is 100% correct, you cannot post anything on our site unless we approve it most of the time, all depends on what we’re doing each day :) so it really doesn’t matter. we’re also updating our plugin so you’ll likely need to keep up with the changes and features we’re adding… we do not see any emails from you so we’re not sure what type of reply you’re waiting for – responses on HaD aren’t really notifications i think.

  10. About evolution: colorblindness can be an advantage too, in the old days they used colorblind people to analyze aerial spy plane photographs because they had a superior ability to recognize (camouflaged) objects.
    Point being that what’s a slight disadvantage one day can be an advantage the next.

    As for complaints about taking them in consideration: just imagine the annoyance of not being able to post because of a silly little thing as having a captcha system that could easily be of a design that didn’t stop you, it’s like those youtubes that say ‘not available in your country’, annoying like hell.

  11. @cHRIS
    did you not read Susie’s post? She stated “tetrachromat” – it’s a genetic trait that a fraction of the population has (all female) whereby they have four primary colours.

    The number of primary colours, btw, being a function of biology… trichromats have receptors in their eyes for 3 colours – red, green and blue. Tetrachromats have receptors for an additional fourth colour.

    yes, her post was sarcastic, but yours was ignorant.

  12. The color blind problem could be partly solved by using fill patterns with each color.
    red could have a a brick fill and blue a cross hatch etc.

    As for fooling machines randomly play with the spacing of the bands and the location, and tilt of the resistor image.

  13. @Punkguyta -actually – there are benefits to being colourblind – better monochromatic and low light vision (ie night vision).

    @ Nemo – i was actually being genuine in asking what the third colour was, since i didn’t know about that – but thanks for making me sound like a douche.
    Also, did you know that the same genes that are connected to hair colour are connected to colourblindness – readheads aren’t colourblind

  14. @cHRIS sorry man, not intending to make you look bad – just pointing out that all the information you needed was in the original post.

    It should be clarified that being Tetrachromat doesn’t increase the range of colours that can be seen, but does increase the ability to discern differences between close frequencies.

    BTW, I just did a bit of research now – previously I was reporting on half-remembered reports from years ago – and looks like tetrachromancy is still only theoretical, so I bet if Susie B genuinly is, there are researches who would love to speak to her… :)

  15. Wow! Very very beautiful comments!
    Fuck the color blind? .. Great civilization!

    Captcha always creates discriminations.. colorblinds, impaireds, blinds, etc..
    Do not use captcha at all!!

    Colorblinds are very common, but often they don’t know to be one, there is a great number of colorblind level!

    Learn to respect the others!

  16. @Saki_Kawa …actually, the whole purpose of captcha systems *is* to discriminate.

    …to discriminate between a real person, and an automated program…

    creating something which can make that discrimination without error is exceedingly hard, however.

    “learn to respect the others” is great, and when the spammers and other troublemakers online learn that, then we wont need captcha systems at all. I look forward to that day.

    Till then, we’re stuck with captcha or similar systems… and many these days offer a listening option for the sight impaired :)

  17. Sorry but I can’t share your comment.. it’s full of illogical thinks.. and some sentences are quite a joke!

    The answer is: “” and many many others sites don’t use captcha, but different and more efficient ways!
    Captchas are poor, they are cracked with some line of script, so privacy and security are fake needs..

    Btw it’s a free choose of webmasters, I’m here to explain my point of view and trying to defense my colorblind condition, hoping none will post creepy sentences like some above..

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