Twilio Adds Touch Tone Telephone Control For Arduino

An Arduino with an Ethernet shield, nothing new right? Not quite, [Chris] is showing us how to use Twilio to control an Arduino via a touch tone telephone. We saw Twilio used before in a cellphone video game but this time around an audio menu system comes into play. You can make your own menus whose options will be read by the WOPR (see the demo after the break) when you call the Twilio number. This application just turns an LED on and off but once you’ve got access to the Arduino the sky’s the limit. Most immediately this is an easy implementation for all those cellphone door lock systems we’ve seen. We also envision some classic home automation such as feed the cats or turn on the lights.


17 thoughts on “Twilio Adds Touch Tone Telephone Control For Arduino

  1. Personally, I see this as overkill. There are 16 or 2^4 different combinations of DTMF tones (0-9,A-D,#,*) Rather than relying on an external service, and requiring an expensive Ethernet shield, a simple IC such as the MT8870 should do fine. Very simple to interface to a micro-controller, simple and easy code.

    (Then again, if you don’t have a land-line then don’t bother. And also it doesn’t have the cool voice prompts.)

  2. I used an 8870 in my wireless detonator, but these chips are nearly impossible to find now. Everyone simply implements a DTMF decoding routine with digital signal processors. I however would love to find a way to do this with a microcontroller. Anyone want to help me?

  3. H.acking

    So even though it uses an Arduino, it *must* be a hack! Unless that first line makes the acronym reciprocal…

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