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[MODDEDbyBACTERIA] has posted this instructible on how to make a bluetooth SNES controller. The bulk of the parts come from a bluetooth MSI game pad, so this isn’t a scratch build, but the amount of modifications required definitely qualify this as a hack. We were quite surprised that he managed to stuff all of that back into the case as well as he did. Great job.

10 thoughts on “Making A Bluetooth SNES Controller

  1. looks off-brand to me, that is if you count super famicom :]

    if it’s comforting at all, think of all the millions of these that were produced, and the fact that cool hacks like this is just going to bring them out of the closet (and potentially out of the trash) and into use “:3

  2. I for one welcome our new snes controller mod overlords.

    We should encourage people to hack apart their classic controllers. That way in the near future my 4 snes pads, 2 nes pads, and various other controllers will be worth a fortune to true collectors. Let them diminish the quantity and we will reap the benefits.

  3. I’ve been thinking about doing exactly this mod for a while now. I didn’t bother in the end though because it means losing a button so I figured I’d wait for a better bluetooth controller to gut.

  4. I’m not sure why people mod their classic controllers when they can just build adapters for them and use them as is.

    DirectPadPro was a popular SNES/NES/Atari/Jaguar/every other pad you could think of adapter that even got windows 95/xp drivers for it. I’d be surprised if there wern’t vista/win7 drivers in the makes by adoring fans.

    And for things like psx you can just buy a usb adapter…

  5. @Mikey, as I recall, DirectPadPro only worked with Parallel Port adapters, using a few diodes soldered to the connector pins. So right now it wouldn’t be feasible, there aren’t any computers with parallel port.

  6. @Ryan Leach

    Why? There are loads of SNES pads out there..


    AVR with enough IO for to connect a range of pads (different protocols and multiple players), the software USB stack, some code to implement HID and pad decoding, ???, PROFIT!

    There are USB PIC based boards that people spending stupid amounts of money on (/me got told off for telling people they were getting ripped off on some arcade forum..) that they use to hook up arcade controls to USB… you could build a device with an AVR for less and have the ability to hook up controls that aren’t raw switches.

    /me has code for neogeo pad HID interface here somewhere..

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