9 thoughts on “Nerf Sentry Gun Build In Progress

  1. Cool idea. Something to do when bored I guess, other than that no real use for it.

    Would have been cool to have as a kid for “Nerf-Wars”.

    My favorite Nerf weapon was the old school bow and arrow Nerf weapon. I know I speak for most people here that had one that it was the funnest to mod. I remember adding tacs to the front of the arrows and shooting them into trees etc. That sucker could do some serious damage.

  2. Funny. I saw a prototype of something similar at Hasbro last year. It was in early development but is expected by this holiday season I was told. Camera mounted system with usb 2.0 output. And can be autonomous targeting or accessed through the web from anywhere to shoot at your cats and intruders. (the cats thing was an actual suggested use when explained to me.) Nice mod! keep it up.

  3. Great concept. Sad tho he will spend the time building that gun up only tohave it break from it’s flimsy design. First thing to go will be the chain advancement system. once thats broken it voids any value a unmanned sentry would provide cause you have to manually arm and load it.

  4. It looks useless to you, but it looks fantastic to someone who hacks toys and games for kids with disabilities.

    I “switch adapted” (hacked to be controlled via 1/8″ mono jack) one of these last year for our event, so that severely disabled kids could shoot with a head, finger, mouth, sip/puff, blink, etc. I only did it with a battery interrupter, though, and it had to be aimed manually. This gives more robust trigger adaptation and maybe even the ability to aim. Score!

  5. Looks good. I built one myself. It is triggered wirelessly with an Xbee controlled trigger box. The trigger is equipped to switch between manual and autonomous mode. It has a IR trip sensor so you can set it up as a trap in the office in Autonomous mode. Check it out if your interested. I post a bunch of photos, and info on my site http://www.techdesktidbits.com more specifically http://techdesktidbits.blogspot.com/2009/12/remote-controlled-nerf-gun.html

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