Final Projects: WiFi Coil Gun Turret


[Chris Farnell] and [Michael Helms] are the brains behind this scary looking piece of machinery. It is a Coil gun, mounted on a turret, that is controlled over WiFi. If that wasn’t scary enough, they have rigged it to their iphone/ipad for remote shooting. Though it looks bulky, you can see that it is surprisingly responsive in action.

14 thoughts on “Final Projects: WiFi Coil Gun Turret

  1. Gotta love the use of TouchOSC by Hexler, such a great application and of course the interface builder for it. Oh and the Gun isnt bad either mmmm Capacitor Bank!

  2. Cool! I would like to see them ramp up the power some more and be able to penetrate a denser substance. Needless to say that these guys are going to get hired by some weapons company or the government.

  3. In the course of the video, we see the creator aim the machine at himself (as you can see in the webcam window) and then aim it away. So the machine was live-loaded and aimed at himself.

    Try to avoid this in the future.

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