Tweet-a-Watt Now Speaks To Google Power Meter

Hackaday’s own [Devlin Thyne] has been working with Adafruit to come up with a way to use the Tweet-a-Watt along with Google Power Meter. Back in March we put out the word that Google had unveiled the API for Power Meter and [Devlin] is the first we’ve heard of to come up with a way to use your own equipment with the service. You can build your own or use Adafruit’s kit and the data pulled from your energy use will be nicely displayed using the big G’s tools. Right now there’s only support for one Tweet-a-Watt but we’d image this will evolve fairly quickly into a much larger house solution. Head over to the Tweet-a-Watt code page to get the source files for this project.

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10 thoughts on “Tweet-a-Watt Now Speaks To Google Power Meter

  1. @fartface – the site is “hack-a-day” not “buything-a-day” modding a kill-a-watt and making your own with an xbee using open source software is way more fun :)

  2. @ sc0rch3d:

    Now you have me feeling like I’m missing something… What did you see that I didn’t :p

    As much as we all use “Big G” for *tons* of cool stuff, they sure seem to be collecting a lot of data on how we live our lives. Heck they know my every move cuz I have a Droid, they know what I’m interested in cuz I “google” everything, they have an idea how much money I make cuz I employ Google Checkout, AdWords and AdSense, they know where I live cuz all the above is tied to my home address, StreetView has seen my license plate in my driveway and they host a good portion of my (personal) email. This list is not complete either. Now granted, I have nothing to hide and anyone that wanted to know stuff about me could easily find the same, “Big G” conveniently puts all of it in their datacenters.

    Anyone find that interesting?

  3. @Daley — That is why it is incumbent on each free man to totally fuxor up data collection anytime you get the chance. Use cash whenever possible, transpose digits on your street address when you fill out forms, pay a few pennies too much tax, use your loyalty cards only for purchasing Slim Jims and cat food, etc.

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