32 LED POV Globe


Here’s a slick version of a POV globe(google translated). Created by [Riko], this globe has 32 LEDs and is powered by a rotating coil. The layout looks fairly solid in operation, with the POV effect showing up very nicely on camera.  You can get the schematics and source code from the project page.

We found this project, just like the previous fantastic LED globe on HackedGadgets.com. Apparently someone linked to this project in the comments. That is fantastic, that is what the comments should be for. Please help keep our comments polite and helpful as well, even if you are just linking to a project that you think is better.

26 thoughts on “32 LED POV Globe

  1. No the dicks of the internet have found hackaday finally. Most of the crappy comments you see are just people being mean just to be mean. These are the people who will never get laid and if they do its not going to be anything you would want to sleep with.

    On topic these things are so cool. I’d like to build one but my problem would be wanting to run my hand through it which would hurt like no other.

  2. “dicks of the internet have found hackaday” I would say there are more dicks on the internet than it was back in the 90s, unfortunately there are more dick site/forum admins as well.

    That globe is kinda cool, those cyan leds are unusual, I couldn’t get them in the local store. Unfortunately getting the transparent globe model is the hardest part. I could get some lookalike lamp for 10$.

  3. i have a fairly large globe here, might give this a try.

    for those who know how, video head drums can be used to couple power without the need for brushes..

  4. Oh man that is so cool, when I’m undisputed lord and master of the world I’m going to have one of these on my desk! (Should contrast with the naked women very nicely.)

  5. What I’d like to see, is a POV globe with a circular rotary encoder around it’s base (think iPod wheel) that, when rotated or spun, rotates the image of the globe!

  6. nice! if you like this sorta shiny stuff, you should go check out the big sphere they made for the german pavillon on the shanghai expo in china.
    quite impressive.

    1. @Anon, pertaining to hacked gadgets:
      Did you read the article? Not only did we link to hacked gadgets, we gave them full credit and even mentioned how the quality of their comments are kept at a nice level. That’s about as far from stealing as it gets. I’m sure that if you asked Alan, he’d not only agree, but be happy about us advertising for his blog.

      When we find an interesting story, we post it. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. We also give credit to the person who did it, AND the place that we found it.

  7. Someone please make a normal translation from the article like those who waste their time to accomplish completely useless hacks.

    This is so cool I gunna build it. And how do you program the ICs what cable and software required for it?

    Is the fan’s speed controller included in the circuit or he uses something else for that?

  8. I didn’t mean it by so much stealing as robbing them of their content. It’s a lvl of quality issue. I expect something like this to come from Hackedgadgets. Hackaday’s readership and participation is so much greater than hackedgadgets.

    Who do we see at the cons? Hackedgadgets? Not rly. My point is that I expect a different lvl of quality from hackaday than I do from hackedgadgets. POV globes and HDD clocks seem so highschool…

  9. Anon you dumbie and what’s so highschool about it idiot? You couldn’t make one from scratch for sure especially not program one in asm because you ain’t worth nothing.
    GTFO with your crying go back reading haxgadgets or whatever that site is, I never heard of it.

    Anonymous coward…

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