3D Printed MakerBot

[Webca] has made a 3D printed MakerBot with his MakerBot. Using five pounds of plastic, the design replaces all of the plywood used to create a regular MakerBot. This complements the existing designs for the 3D printed extruders, dinos, and other parts already on Thingiverse. An interesting mile marker in the history of 3D printing. We might make one after we make a Mendel and tons of Hack a Day Badges. We also look forward to improvements people will contribute to the design such as using less plastic or a parameterized design to make a really big (or small) MakerBot.

12 thoughts on “3D Printed MakerBot

  1. Very cool as a proof of concept, but as the Makerbot was designed specifically to be made with a laser cutter it will be much more efficient to print a mendel (which was designed specifically to be printed).

    Also, does it actually print?

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