Did That Table Just Move?


A table and chair that can move around by themselves? What’s next, suicide boothsself-replicating robots, and Star Trek styled tablet computers? It seems that [Adam Lassy] is moving in that direction. He took this furniture from Ikea and made some neat modifications to give it mobility. Each of the four legs has wheels on them and the legs themselves rotate in unison to change the direction of travel. We could see the table as a more practical drink delivery system than the Bar2d2. It certainly would make for some great late-night pranks but the chair motors need to be silenced before that can happen.

[Thanks Balbor via Ikea Hacker]

20 thoughts on “Did That Table Just Move?

  1. Cool idea. Your furniture could coordinate with your Roomba to clean areas that aren’t normally accessed. You could set up the dinner table for two, four, or six. You could clear your living room floor for exercise or dancing or Wii with the press of a button, or time/event triggers. Or just freak out your cats.

  2. Hm that brings me on the ide of modifying the table of my parents…it’s one of those, where you can pull the two halves away from each other and put up to two center pieces to enlarge the table in length.
    This is something that could be automated.

    Any recommendations on powerful but silent and probably geared motors that have enough power to move a piece of a table?

  3. Hey people, i just thought if you from the middle ages this must look like magic.

    Anyway i bet woman would like these as they constantly move stuff around you know.
    So who knows. With the right brainwashing it may be jsut the next marketing hit.

  4. I saw this at the ITP showcase about a month ago. The point of this was: for a school project.

    The guy was pretty cool and mentioned that the motors wouldn’t support any real weight (I believe)

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