Baxter The ButlerBot And RoboFridge


[Steve Norris] has been devoting his time, effort, and knowledge to the most noble of causes; cool beverage acquisition. Baxter the ButlerBot and RoboFridge work in tandem to deliver cold ones when needed. As you can see in the video, this possibly over engineered system works quite smooth. Though the details on his site are pretty limited, browsing his Flickr stream will get you all those delicious construction photos you crave.

[via Flickr]

15 thoughts on “Baxter The ButlerBot And RoboFridge

  1. why not just have the robot as the fridge and when you call him he unplugs from his docking charging station and brings himselfe/the fridge to you and when you got your drink he goes back

  2. i prefer the vacuum cargo tube, but it makes the beer all fizzy. i would have gone with a mini dallek shell instead of a trash can, but then where would i put the can when i’m done, great job.

  3. Am I the onlyone to notice that his lastname i Norris… I say there must be a conection…

    Dam’it i don’t thinke that my name could handel an extra lastname :'(….

  4. It was way easier to do a biohack (i.e. get married, have kids, yell for the kids to go get me a soda – they programmed themselves for navigation, stair climbing, return to base, item selection, etc, and my part of the biohack was amazingly easy).

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