Wireless Accelerometer Project

[Jerome Demers] sent us his extremely detailed semester project. The two part system consists of PICs connected to XBee modules and accelerometers. By using the device a coach can monitor an athlete and correct their minute mistakes.

Did we mention [Jerome] was very detailed? He also goes into the particulars of designing the circuit, using solder paste and baking, designing and laser cutting a case, and even some fun stories. Well worth the read if you have the time.

15 thoughts on “Wireless Accelerometer Project

  1. hey guys!

    the plating for vias is a very complex procedure. It takes about 3 hours to do machining and plating.

    how it works is easy, he drill all the holes first without any engraving. He then remove the board and goes into a bath to get the holes electrolysis (or something), they et plated. He rince the board,(I am probably missing some steps) put it back in the CNC and get the rest of the job done. The technician (Serge) told me that the first time he did that, he plated the hole at the end, when the board was all engraved.All the trace where cover with the plating, making this big short circuit.

    Yes, the Xbee has greater range then bluetooth. There are some bluetooth out there that do have some very good range. 50 meter is enough. With bluetooth, you don’t need a external receiver because a lot of computers these day have bluetooth. Also during my bluetooth test, I lost data while moving fast.

  2. really pretty looking job. great work… i had a similar project, but the wiring was so wild I wondered if i’d get held at the airport by homeland security… and yes, i missed my flight – but only because the object was considered a “blunt object” and they didn’t care about the wiring job :)


    using arduino’s and xbees. one set in the bmx handlebars, and one set in a radio shack project box connected to a pc.

  3. @Twred
    “So detailed that he spelled ‘Analyzer’ wrong?”

    HAHAHAHA! good find! I am french btw but that is not a excuse.

    I guest I should contact you for proof reading :P
    That is not the first little mistake I made. My boss did not even check it when I ask him to laser cut. yeah, I will blame it on my boss! LOL

    Thanks again! I do try my best to remove mistake in my blog. I will work harder next time.

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