World’s Slowest Porsche, Still Faster Than My Car

Well, maybe the title is not so true. This “Porsche” GT3‘s construction is a bit unorthodox, the chassis looks to be aluminum tubing, with bicycle tires and other man-powered parts for propulsion. The body is entirely plastic and tape, yeah…gold…foil…tape. Hey, when you really really want to turn someones head.

Regardless, the car even comes complete with working lights, horn, doors, trunk, and lexan windows. Sure it will never go 0 to 60 (yet), but the mileage is amazing! Follow an amusing video of it after the rift.

[via OMGsoysauce]


51 thoughts on “World’s Slowest Porsche, Still Faster Than My Car

  1. i drive a nissan skyline GT-R … after years of modding starting when i was 16 i now get 550HP and i have topped it at 188MPH (need a new transmission) … so if you buy one of these and invest money in it slowly you can have a nice car

    @DeadlyFoez if you don’t like it DON’T FUCKING CLICK ON THE ARTICLE

  2. Okay, it may be really weird and kinda silly, but it seems to me this fits the definition of “hack” pretty well. He built a bike, that looks like a car. Sorta. A little. XD

  3. This is win win, I get to enjoy a funny video, and hopefully, DeadlyFoez will have successfully boycotted himself, saving me from having to hear from another person who I don’t care about. This was one of the better videos I have seen mocking Porches.

  4. I agree with @andar_b this fits perfectly the definition of a hack. And just want to point out that not to many hacks will leave you with a porsche in your garage!
    to bad you can’t “drive it” the rain without getting wet!

  5. Ok, I’ve been here for a long time, and most of the stuff that people say, “that isn’t a hack!” I disagree with. However.

    That isn’t a hack!

    Not worthy of having it’s own post, that is. Maybe in the links.

  6. They have done a really good job on modeling the porsche’s body,.. now if they could fibre glass that around a real car such as a cheap ford fiesta, then it’d be a pretty nice ‘kit’ for people who’d like a nice looking car.. mmm maybe lol

  7. yeah, it would be nice to see them do a fiberglass body and a small motor (even electric)… Yes, the paper thin tires are kind of a pain, also… the sheer lack of speed… and the weird noises that are coming out of the speaker’s mouth; I’m not quite sure why he is making them — are there still countries that don’t speak english? Do we have to go to war again? Dammit!

    @Wdfowty wasting all those building materials on a toy isn’t exactly what I would call “environmentally friendly”. :-P

  8. This started out sounding cool and than with the poor tape job, peddle power, and the interior looked liked one of my junk boxes it was really a awful looking contraption. Its a hack I’ll concede that but its far from something I see being useful.

  9. @rossum: I would Love to see the stig drive this thing. And he would probably beat the real thing with the nitro milk shakes he drinks for breakfast.

    Seriously though, this /is/ a hack. And one of the coolest I think I’ve seen in a while. It is obvious that a lot of work went in to constructing this vehicle. Yes, there might be some rough edges and the tape would be tacky in a production car, but come on! How many projects have you worked on looked like it was full production quality? I do not see many people complaining when folks use generic black plastic or cardboard boxes as project enclosures…

    Thanks for the article, Jakob!

  10. 1st off this is a hack.
    2nd I think that’s ridiculous to say the gold tape looks shitty. that made me chuckle to read that.
    3rd this car-bike will totally get you laid. especially if you take it to burningman

    ok enough of that.

    look around on yahoo for tape molds. you can use sir-ran wrap to wrap an object/human up and put clear packing tape all around till it’s covered, then cut down the middle to release the 2 halves, then tape back together and you have a light durable copy.

  11. at first when i saw this, i thought it might be the worlds slowest porsche because it was made out of element #79, although it would probably have had a smoother finish. electric motors are a great idea, if you have a few $grand handy, you can really pimp it out. and lol@ Mikey, in the Samurai days, we would have given you a knife and told you to commit HerroKitteh

  12. From the Flickr page it looks like it is made of plastic tubing or something similar. I think Aluminum would have been too heavy.

    And how could anyone ever get a TAPE job smooth over a tube skeleton without using ridiculous amounts of layers?

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