Toddler Android

We came across a couple of videos of this toddler android. It sits up, rolls over, and responds to humans around it using visual, audio, and sensor inputs. After the break you will see that the movements are quite like that of a young child. The giveaway is the weight of the robot which is evident when its handlers trying to help it get untangled from that blanket. It seems to respond to individuals around with a smile and a twinkle of its… errr… camera eye. We wonder if it would find delight in knocking down some dominoes.

Body movements


Facial response


23 thoughts on “Toddler Android

  1. Burn it? Shoot it? No no, just disassemble it then shred the shell for some cushioning material when sending packages and use the servos and circuits for nice projects :)

  2. Sorry Whatnot, you cannot recycle any part of this “baby”, it will contain evil and spread disaster to all it touches. This projekt must be burned with rock salt and burried on holy ground in an iron casket, with a big stone cross ontop.

  3. Groups often make robots that look like babies/kids/little animals. They usually say the reason for the form factor is to help people interact with the robot on its “intellectual” level. Often they say it helps the robot learn.
    I’m starting to think the real reason is actually a value equation.
    If you make something look like a grown man, and it acts as smart as a baby, you feel a bit let down. It seems like humanoid robotics hasn’t progressed as fast as many of us expected, so I think a quick solution is to make the robot in a shape of something stupid. It is then much easier to exceed the observer’s expectations and increase value.
    No disrespect, I think these people have done great work. I just think all the robo-babies and animals show that the field has sortof stalled.

  4. is it just me but in the 2nd video when the chest peace goes pop the guy standing goes to fix it… the thing looks up.. idk if thats programed or some learned thing but its creepy…

  5. creepy!


    It doesn’t need to walk on it’s own…
    Imagine it crawling to a dark place in your bedroom while you’re at some party and then when you wake up in the middle of the night because you feel something evil lurking near, you open your eyes only to find those two reflecting globes staring coldly into your soul and devouring it slowly


    I think this is the main factor why this sort of technology isn’t going so well. You also get the creators screaming “THE END IS NEAR! HIDE!” after spending too much time with their creepy toys

    I say it’s kinda like cloning…
    Good job! but now you have to burn it.

  6. Yeah because that’s not fucking creepy. Leave it to Japan to make a product that’s largest market would be to pedophiles. Thanks for contributing guys, no really.

  7. i think it would look less creepy if it had a chromed out skull instead of a fathead chucky. they should make furry monkey skins for these sort of things, if chromed out skulls are out of the budget

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