Android Meets Arduino

This new toolkit, called “Android” meets Arduino, allows you to connect an Arduino to your device and communicate back and forth. You could trigger external events at the Arduino end when an event happens on your phone, or even trigger things on your phone side when something happens at the Arduino.  We can’t wait to see the stuff people come up with beyond simple notifiers.

[via littlebirdceo]

17 thoughts on “Android Meets Arduino

  1. Very interesting.

    I’ve thought it would be a cool thing to be able to interface my cell (which currently ISN’T Android :( ) with an AVR chip.

    Actually, ANY small, semi-general purpose computer would be useful. I’ve thought about chaining a PSP (homebrew OS), camera, GPS, and (probably laser) rangefinder together with a zigbee (or maybe some other several hundred yard capable transmitter), and make myself a “future soldier” setup.

    Thinking just now, an android, bluetooth linked to a rangefinder and a head-mounted camera would give anyone who had a few hundred dollars to spare a very decent setup.

    If some of our militias were to really embrace modern technology…

  2. Thank you very much joel. we have plenty of money because when you buy poppyseed bagel, you are funding international terrorism. of course one country’s ‘terrorist’ is another country’s ‘freedom fighter’

  3. Beginning of 2011 inopiaaardbei made a solution called: “Microbridge” using the Arduino USB host bridge and wrote the software to use the Android Debug Bridge to communicate from and to the Arduino via USB.

    It should run on all Android devices, including tablets.

    See more here – Links to his google code solution are in the post.

    A direct link to the google code repository is here:

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