Web-enabled LED Pegboard

[Norm Santos] whipped up an LED light board that you can draw on through their web interface. We tried it out but unfortunately the live feed is currently offline. That doesn’t diminish our appreciation for the time-lapse build video after the break. Indeed it was a mountain of hot glueing and a couple of days of soldering. Our only beef is that for every LED on the board there are three empty peg holes. To us this is just begging to be augmented with blue, green, and white LEDs for a more spectacular result. What they have now encompases 350 LEDs managed by five microcontrollers, which took about two days to solder (for five people) and to hammer out some code.[vimeo=http://vimeo.com/13599380]

14 thoughts on “Web-enabled LED Pegboard

  1. This could be made cheap and used in garages today cheaply and effectively, or more expensively with RFID tagging. “Computer, where is my small locking plier?”

    I mean, it’s pegboard, right? It doesn’t have to turn into a display. It has to turn into my garage wall material and the same in garages of tons of others like me.

    Or you could set maintenance intervals on the computer that drives it. “Every six months, blink rapidly on the spot for my mini compressor so I perform required maintenance.”

    Man.. That pegboard really would make… the best, cheapest light-up pegboard, ever.

  2. Great video, although hard to focus on the actual project… I think I spent more time watching that plate of magically disappearing and reappearing Cheeze-It’s.

    …also the banana girl had me a little freaked out.

  3. Dancing Bannana girl was great, I want a gif of her. I love how the guy in orange has proof he worked almost the whole time, while the guy in light-blue lazed around.

  4. Yeah, project, two thumbs up, the banana was totally distracting from the point the guy was wearing it, till the little dance time lapse demo the girl was doing. I like how the guy finally got some common sense and ditched the costume.

    You know, there are a lot of good ideas for a lit pegboard. I never thought about having it with a house layout and asking it where your keys were. That could be mega handy.

    Besides the banana part, that was a very good time lapse.

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