Jailbreak Your Apple Products

It’s finally here, after being declared completely legal to jailbreak your iPhone, JailbreakMe 2.0 is released.

Now, any and all iDevices can be jailbroken by simply visiting the URL above; however, before you start your devious adventure in the land of apps not approved by big brother Apple, there are a few issues.

The webpage is being slammed at the moment so you’ll have to wait. There is a chance the jailbreak will not work, and you could brick your phone. MMS and Facetime are having complications after jailbreaking. And finally, carrier unlock still needs to be done with ultrasn0w.

But beyond those small stepping stones, jailbreaking is just a touch away.

31 thoughts on “Jailbreak Your Apple Products

  1. ” Now, any and all iDevices can be jailbroken ”

    from the website

    With PwnageTool 4.0 PwnageTool 4.01 certain devices are not supported this is because they are not supported in iOS 4.0 or they are not supported by our software. We’re working on ways to get past these restrictions.

    * iPhone 2G – not supported
    * iPod Touch – not supported
    * iPod Touch 3G – not supported

  2. Update – They have supposedly worked out the issues with facetime and mms. If you have not jailbroke yet, you should be able to and everything should work now. Also if you have jailbroke and have issues with the facetime and mms, add the iphonedelivery.advinux.com repo to cydia and install the app per redmond pie. One last note, if you are having trouble accessing the jailbreakme.com, try the mirror http://jailbreakme.modmyi.com

  3. ” Now, any and all iDevices can be jailbroken ”

    And all iDiots rejoice!! j/k

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Tired of all the iCrap that iSee ever iDay (not a criticism against HAD)

  4. @JB should crawl in an ihole ’cause it’s an iworld and we should all just be igreatful that isteve let’s us ilive in it.

    Jailbroke my 3G in a matter of minutes last night. Cydia sites are very slow. And i imagine it will be way worse today as word spreads and ppl get a little more confident it will probably not brick the phone.

  5. ok so I got confused, the FIRST LINK IN THE ARTICLE (ahem) takes you to a different site which links you to a TOTALLY DIFFERENT software package that you DOWNLOAD as a torrent

    so “simply visiting the url above” (um which one you posted 3) I choose the wrong one and became confused

    excellent summary

  6. Those of you having problems where the device sits at the purple screen forever may benefit from clearing your cookies and restarting safari:

    1) Put your device into Airplane mode.
    2) Go to -> Setting -> safari -> Cookies -> Accept.
    3) Double Tap home button. To go to multi tasking
    4) Press and hold an icon to wiggle the task switcher icons and then quit Safari using the -.
    5) Clear all Cache and cookies.
    6) Open safari and go to jailbreakme.com and try again.


  7. What’s the point in getting an iPhone, then jailbreak it other than the usual “because we can”? We wouldn’t get support or open drivers anyway because Apple hates openness. Before Android I’d probably have done the same thing, but today I wouldn’t risk bricking an expensive device to obtain the level of openness other platforms (Android, Maemo, …?) already deliver right out of the box.

  8. @qwerty – Sometimes it is not a hardware thing, but a arrogant marketing thing. Frankly, to your point, there are very few things that would make it so you would need or want to jailbreak your iphone. I have jailbroken my phone 3 or 4 times now for a particular reason or project. And then afterward restored to the regular firmware. The only things I every really wanted to do that I couldn’t was to have IM, Skype, or Pandora running in the background (fixed) and being able tether my iPad to my iPhone (no reason to not allow this other than to force me to purchase the more expensive iPad) which will be addressed with jailbreaking.

    @JB – Your insolence has been reported to the proper Apple authorities. This incident will go on your permanent record. You will woe this day.

  9. See, that’s the funny thing. People keep buying locked down equipment, encouraging them to lock it down even further because it will make them more money.

    First it was easy to break. Then revokable signing. Then a partially gimped eFuse. We’re going to lose if this keeps up.

  10. I will never understand why people buy iStuff and then starting hacking it.
    If you disagree with Apples idea of business why you go and buy this crap.

    They are overpriced standard technology and many other devices have fare better specs. If you like the Apple way of business this is the only reason to stick to Apple.

    If you don’t like get directly an Android-based phone, which is more open already,
    or a Meego-based device which is even more open.

    Honestly, I consider every i-hack as a step in the wrong direction. As long as there are people out who still can unlock the phones and show “great hacks” they will be customers who trust that there will be a hack-solution soon for there needs.
    Thus, every i-hack takes away potential customers from more hack-friendly and open-source minded devices. Furthermore, it teaches other companies that the Apple way of threating customers rights might be the best way.

    I consider it rather counterproductive to hack i-stuff

  11. Hey, I’m an open-source Linux type of guy, but Apple’s hardware is very refined, and has an incredible amount of highly polished software available for it, due to the diligence of the App Store software approval team. Along with jailbreaking, this allows an iPhone user access to very top quality hardware, while enjoying an extremely large pool of software, both approved, and non-approved. Best of both worlds, so to speak.

    And as for the claimed instability of operating system after jailbreaking goes, I can only say that I have never seen a single successful jailbreak(not talking about a failed attempt) that did anything to damage the stability of the OS. Outside of unlocking, I see a jailbreak as not much more than a back door to install an unapproved App, Cydia. Remove Cydia, and your phone is back like it was before. I have, however, seen many people jailbreak their phones and then install Winterboard(et al) which screws up their phone. It’s that apps that you haven’t researched beforehand screwing up the phone, not the jailbreak, itself…

  12. I could care less about the antenna, I planned on buying an otterbox anyways. Like droid? Get droid, like iPhone? Get an iPhone, want a $20 prepaid cell that makes phone calls? Whatever makes you happy. But really just stop trollin or go buy an iPhone and blend it if that makes you feel better ;-).

  13. I just want to point out that any respectful company would callback their product if such primary functionality flaw existed but not Apple since they know you an addict suckers will hold phone upside

  14. This has made jail breaking so much easier.

    I did a lot of iPhones that I had been too lazy to do the day this came out (well a few days after) It was really well timed so a few days after I got my iPhone4 it was out, and supported.

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