Modchip Hacks PS3 Via USB Port


It’s been a long time coming, but the video above shows a modchip circumventing the PlayStation 3 security by running a game from a hard drive. The sites which sells the modchip, and which has confirmed them as working are both unstable right now due to heavy traffic. But here’s what we know. The device is called the PS Jailbreak and can be used to dump PS3 games to the hard drive of a PlayStation3 running the most current firmware (3.41). Dumped games can then be played from the hard drive by selecting them from a menu that the modchip spawns. It’ll cost you though. The current preorder price is $169.99 AUD or $147.47 US dollars with a projected delivery date of August 27th.

[Thanks Charlie via Slashdot]

74 thoughts on “Modchip Hacks PS3 Via USB Port

  1. @bWare:Tell that to Alladin(dongle DRM maker). But you’re right, they use a ‘envelope’ unpacked by inline stub with dongle data..gets reversed all the time.

    IronKey is also vulnerable to IC reversing, that’s why they inject epoxy into a alumunized enclosure. It’s standard NAND with a custom USB->NAND controller that has wear leveling and crypto functions.

    This PS3 dongle is going to be a mess, it’s so easy to patch for SCE. It’s based on their own dongle, and that sequences causes their ROM just to use a different SPU loader from NAND at startup..

  2. I can understand the high price tag. They know it will just be cloned in a manner of weeks. Then their sales will plummet. They know a shitload of people will pay the high tag so they might as well make their money now before everyone copies it.

  3. Hell yes. The long wait has finally paid off. I haven’t updated my consoles firmware to aviod losing the other os install feature. Perhaps this will be my revenge for he removal of otheros. Really liking the part that said works with 150+ games. Cant wait to get my hands on one of these.

  4. @xorpunk “I’m sure someone is going to try to say that just because nobody buys stuff doesn’t mean the seller is losing money. My response is you may want to go back to grade school and retake basic mathematics.” I would argue it’s more of an ethics question than mathematics. Just because you have the choice between getting something for free and paying for it the end result wont be the same for everyone. Is someone who pirates a product really going to buy it if that’s the /only/ way to get it? The modern 16-26 year old psyche (i would argue the group most likely to pirate) doesn’t pirate because it’s saving money, they pirate because it’s free. Get what i mean?

  5. “they deserved this for removing other os”
    “my revenge for he removal of otheros”
    “That’s what you get for taking Linux”

    So, just to be clear: Sony’s removal of OtherOS is a perfectly valid reason for stealing from them?

    I don’t care much about the legal/moral issue of stealing from Sony; I’m just failing to see the leap in logic.

    If you’re going to pirate games, then pirate them. Don’t pretend your theft is some noble crusade.

  6. @Mike: lol I gotta agree, I’d bet money out of pocket they didn’t even use the feature. It’s like windows users who bash MS and propriatary source code and licenses on internet forums.

    Sony was protecting their investors and license owners.

    What logic is not buying a game from a game developer isn’t causing them to lose money(investments to be more technical)?

    This dongle will hit a wall in coming months, it’s patchable via disk manufacturing because of the BRD ASIC. The people are getting screwed..

  7. “Other OS” was F***ing gay, you want Linux use your damn pc. As for the modchip, if it is real and Sony patchs the PS3 so the usb ports can’t be used to mod the system, I will be PISSED.

    I use the usb ports for charging my controllers, and for my keyboard. And for some stupid as modders to come a long and F**** it up for everyone else, because they want to be the first group out to prove it works, screws everyone in the long run.

  8. I modded my ps2, psp and didn’t have any problem with it. But after I got my ps3 i have been very satisfied with the games they have come out with and the free online (psn) play is amazing, they deserve the money they are getting. if you hate Sony now look out for what Xbox will do in their next installment.

  9. I highly doubt that Sony would disable the USB ports, rather release an update that blocks/disables this dongle.

    Sony and their game developers employ a lot of people who depend on getting paid for the work that they do. If you like playing PS3 games then pay for them. If you don’t like Sony and it’s affiliates, then go buy another console and stop demanding everything for free!!

  10. @spyder_21:
    “And for some stupid as modders to come a long and F**** it up for everyone else, because they want to be the first group out to prove it works, screws everyone in the long run.”

    I think you misspelled F****[sic]. It should be f***, no?

    I thought this was Hack-A-Day, not Hate-A-Day.

  11. @Mike:
    Sony screwed everyone over when they first advertised for several features, then decided to remove them.
    A lot of people got angry and want to get back at Sony.

    Where is the leap of logic that you don’t understand? No one is trying to reach the moral high ground. It’s revenge. I certainly wouldn’t feel sorry for Sony. Unfortunately, it will hurt Game studios more than Sony.

    I think the modchip is completely worthless. Games would be to costly to back up, since they take up a massive amount of space. Games are cheap anyway.

  12. Finally, the ps3 jailbreak comes real. People who support Sony will still use the original disc. Some people like me want to enjoy the convenience and the flexibility of the new stuff, will try it. I ain’t worry Sony will block those users. I think there will be new fireware to fix the problem.
    I got an email from an online store. They have this thing. I’m considering to order.

  13. sony has indeed taken the apple route and locked the ps3 down to a very closed ‘gaming computer.’ and for the same reason, they like their merchandise to look sleek, and efficient, they evidently know the profits they will make and will, like apple give in eventually.
    and the ‘hackers’ behind the £2.50 dongle with some stolen developers software can fuck right off if they think they can get away with that pricing when i will probably be torrenting it for free next week :P

  14. yeah, the usb intercept hack is a well known method.

    interestingly more or less any low cost micro with external memory will work for this, so once the “cat is out of the bag” and the code has been intercepted Sony no longer have control as people would rather have full access to “their” hardware and the loss of PSN is a minor inconvenience.

    If there was a Nobel prize for computer science then these modchip builders should get it, they have basically liberated the PS3 from the clutches of Sony, and given the hacking community access to unheard of levels of computing power.

  15. if this works i’ll finally buy a ps3, i back up all the games and put the discs away. and refuse to buy a disc based console that i can’t install a mod-chip in. i have too many games for my sega saturn that were all purchased new for around $100 AUD that don’t read anymore. i learnt that lesson the hardway

  16. I think it is only a matter of time before this gets blocked. It is, however, one more piece of the puzzle needed for a full, reliable jailbreak. I don’t remember reading anything about SPU loaders in the past. This is just one more glimpse into how the security of the PS3 is implemented. Enough glimpses and the hacker community will be able to swing the door wide open.

    Same thing happened with the iPhone. First jailbreaks for the iPhone involved soldering stuff, tossing some salt over your shoulder, turning around 3 times, and hoping it worked. Now, you just visit a web page.

    This is the same process that the PS3 is going through. As more of these ugly hacks make it out into the public, more people will see how the PS3 works. Then more elegant jailbreaks happen.

    It may take a while at first, but I am sure more jailbreaks will happen in the future.

  17. This discussion will never stop: “Sony screwed everyone over when they first advertised for several features, then decided to remove them.”

    I sold my 360 and purchased a PS3 exactly because of these advertised features, and hence believed it was a superior piece of kit.

    If I had to sell you an iPhone, that had 3G functionality, then remove it, wouldn’t you be a little pissed, especially if that technology (dual booting/multiple OS’s in the PS3’s case) is an up and coming technology? Even the guys at the Apple store all dual boot Windows 7 on their laptops. Does this mean they want to pirate? I think they just want to play PC games on their laptop. Yes they could pirate, but Apple doesn’t prevent them from loading Windows 7 by locking it down or removing advertised features, do they?

    So why should Sony remove a harmless feature, that has only had me sing their praises each and every time anyone asked me about it. My seriously cool piece of kit, has now just become a piece of kit, and at this rate, it won’t be long before some of us just upgrade our gaming PC and dump the PS3.

    Also, most kit, 360 and PS3 have a shelf life, like 3 – 5 years before something new comes out. Why not learn from their mistakes, and ensure that their next piece of equipment doesn’t have the same flaws(exploits) and then offer the customer a choice once again, stating only the features that they have. (and not those they intent to remove).

    Legally I think the consumer has a right to take their PS3 back, which I recall reading someone has already done successfully.

    Only wish that some of the CEO’s from Sony would read this thread…

  18. i bought an xbox 360 solely for the purpose of backing up games, not only that i can test games before i buy them to decide if they are worth it or not…..

    i don’t know how many times i’ve seen a game advertised and it looks awesome, you buy it and take it home and play it and it’s a huge turd.

    game companies need to realize, people pirate because they don’t want to get suckered into a game they made that took longer to make the teaser videos than the game itself…

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