PET-Gaming Computer Module

This 64×48 full color LED display goes much further than we expected at first glance. The display is actually a computer with a Zilog eZ80F91 core utilizing an FPGA for the hardware interface. Some nifty applications currently built include mostly games, but there is also visualizations, network file systems, video streaming, and even a MIDI synth.

It originally looked to be more of a console, with controllers, game pads, and cartridges, but the latter ended up not working out. What else would you do with a giant LED display?

9 thoughts on “PET-Gaming Computer Module

  1. I’d put it in the back window of my car and use it to communicate critiques of my fellow commuters’ driving abilities.

    I’m actually thinking of building one for that very reason.

    No, I’m not good at just letting things go… why do you ask?

  2. Wow. Nicely done!!! Wonder how much the full color RGB dot matrix LED cost…. it is out of my range.

    @bzroom, yea, I get an error earlier and just try again and it works the second time…

  3. @Todd Grigsby: Yeah that’s what i’m often thinking while driving around. Especially in one particular situation: Here in Germany, you have to drive on the right lane of the highway, when theres plenty of room or/and you’re driving slow. You’re allowed to change to the other lanes to pass the slower cars. The problem is, people don’t care about it. They are sneaking with about 60mph or less on a lane, where people usually go 70 and faster, blocking said fast drivers. This leads to right-side-passing, which may lead to crashes.
    And thats why i’d like to have some huge, readable display on the back of my car…just to tell those people, what the fines are for obstructing traffic in such a way :D

  4. @Todd Grigsby – I’ve been wanting to do the exact same thing! Just be careful not to display any blue lights, pretty sure that would be “impersonating a police vehice”.

  5. would love one to use as a back light upgrade for lcd tv sweet pop it behind the screen and split the video feed one the the led board and one for the lcd screen sorted a diy led lit tv mmmmmmmmmmm true black

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