Firmware Hacking On Behringer Midi Devices

A new project called the Unofficial Behringer Control Development Kit lets you tweak or completely replace the firmware on the popular devices. The proof of concept demo shows a custom message scrolling on the 4-character 7-segment display but you can do with the device is only limited by how well you can code for the ARM processor inside. Development takes place using the GNU ARM toolchain but don’t worry, you don’t have to crack the case open to program the chip. The BCR2000 and BCF2000 models supported by the project both run bootloaders that allow firmware updates via midi commands. There’s even a recovery mode if you screw something up. Just make sure you have a direct midi connection for recovery, the USB port won’t work for that purpose. If you need a shove to get you started there’s a nice little example file in the repository.

[Thanks Bjonnh]

8 thoughts on “Firmware Hacking On Behringer Midi Devices

  1. I doubt even the most gear-head artists would need to replace the firmware on a midi controller. There are free programs that can map and re-rout the signal to any other hardware/software…. Maybe deadmau5… I doubt Moldover would even needs this.

  2. @xeracy, While the remapping software is nice, it’s somewhat limited.

    Custom firmware could allow step sequencing of the buttons/leds, monome like behavior, or other feedback/interactivity that is currently disabled with the stock firmware.

    It’s a nice, inexpensive, feature rich controller with a lot of potential… hopefully someone with some assembly skills will release some badass firmware for it

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