Meter Clock Using The TI Launchpad

Here’s an analog meter clock using an MSP430G2211 microcontroller. [Doug Paradis] chose this processor because it is the lesser of the two that come with the TI Launchpad. The parts count is fairly low too; a clock crystal, two analog meters, a few buttons, and a voltage regulator.

He’s done a nice job putting this together. We challenge you to give this a try yourself and build on [Doug’s] features. We really liked the calibration subroutine in [Alan’s] multi meter clock. It would be fun to implement that functionality and store the calibration code in the MSP’s flash memory. You can use our ported garage door opener code if you need an example of how to store data in flash.

9 thoughts on “Meter Clock Using The TI Launchpad

  1. Hah, I bought a launchpad the first day from Mouser and had it a week later. Still haven’t gotten the damn thing to do anything useful though. Having problems with pins that I need to alternate frequently (and quickly) between input and output.

  2. @Urza, why not use two pins to do it? One set as output, and another as input. Tie both to what needs to be controlled, with a diode on the output to deal with any direction issues. That’s how some of the i2c/parallel port setups are done.

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