Automated Entry For A Garden Gate

[Dan McGrath] tipped us off about a solution for a problem that most people don’t have. He built a web-based entry system for his garden gate. This isn’t quite as original as that chain and sprocket dorm room system, but it does use a keypad for entry. [Dan’s] already got a web server and home automation box that is always running. He coded a webpage that presents a virtual keypad for code entry. If the right code is input the system unlocks the electronic strike on the other side of this gate. Since the interface is a web page you can load if from any web browser (an iPhone is used for demonstration purposes after the break). But if you don’t have internet access you’re in trouble; there’s no physical keypad. But we guess you could always just jump the fence. [youtube=]

14 thoughts on “Automated Entry For A Garden Gate

  1. Nice hack, you have a lot of cables and devices around :D
    As suggestion: detect the mac address of your iphone and the gate unlocks the door.
    I use a system where i set policies, currently i have gas alert, and to turn TV power on and off when presence is detected and when presence is not detect for a specified number of minutes.

    You have a lot of code around, you can take a look at this: (open source)

    Salvador Faria

  2. did anyone care to read the website?
    Look what the guy said:

    …”Purely for the fun of it,”…
    of course one can jump over, force, break it, set it on fire, whatever… but it was made, just for the kicks :|

  3. @Drake, oh noes! A 7 foot tall jump? Noone has ever dared to try climbing down such a dauntingly high wall. Its ludicrous to think that one can lower themselves gently from such death-defying heights. Only trained professionals like the navy seals or green berets could ever hope to scale such a fence and live!


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