Upgrading The Freetronics Twentyten With A Real-time Clock

[John Boxall] finds himself doing a fair amount of projects that require a realtime clock. He does fast and frequent prototyping, usually using the Freetronics twentyten which is an Arduino alternative that boasts a few features like a nice prototyping area, edge visible LEDs, and Mini USB. What is lacking, however, is a real-time clock. Instead of making another shield type system, he just wanted to permanently add this feature to his board. He shares the whole process is photographed and explained quite well for anyone who would want to follow along.

10 thoughts on “Upgrading The Freetronics Twentyten With A Real-time Clock

  1. i think this is something that someone should make an arduino board for .. get the SMD version of it use a rechargeable CMOS battery or even use an RTCM that allows manual changing of time and date and add buttons for that

  2. @Henrik Pedersen

    i use both AVR and arduino and if you cant take the fact that you no longer need hours and hours of confusing programing knowledge to make something than something is wrong with you as a person XD

  3. @john, they did take one – the 4th mounting hole!

    I asked on the adafruit chat why they didnt change the damn massive USB and it was because it mounts better so it doesnt rip off the board as easy when someone yanks on the cable.

    IMO shorting a shield is more a hazard than being an oaf with the thing.

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