NYC Resistor Takes On The Machine

Here we are with Episodes two and three (aka, NYC Resistor part one and two) completing the Take on the Machine Hackerspace challenge we mentioned a while back. For the challenge NYC Resistor took an old style slot machine and converted it into a drink mixing deviant; even making the device post a Tweet for every drink. However, it seems to be lacking refrigeration of some kind, could this be the downfall of a potential winner for the challenge? Up next is the Hackerspace Pumping Station: One: do you think they can compete? Is there a particular Hackerspace you can’t wait to see? Let us know!

[Thanks Deven]

3 thoughts on “NYC Resistor Takes On The Machine

  1. Weird, I just stumbled onto this from boing boing last night and watched the intro + first two videos of NYC Resistor. A really quality mini-series and I highly recommend everyone to watch it. I can’t wait for the other hacker space videos.

  2. I’ve been looking into making a barbot of my own. This would be a great help if only there were any information on the build at all. What type of solenoids were used? How did they pressurize the containers without contaminating the drinks?

  3. Mike, there’s a contact email at NYCResistor. I know the folks involved in the build can’t post certain info about the build until after Vimby airs the series. This is to avoid spaces giving away surprises.

    Of course, NYCR has a lot of open source lovers and they’d probably be happy to talk shop about their creation. So ask them a few questions and someone will likely reply. Once the Vimby shindig has run it’s course, they’ll probably be able to post some more info about the build.

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