Hackaday Links: October 10, 2010

Old timey pics with a new timey camera

Update: We’ve already looked at this one… see the full article for all the details.

One way to get old-looking photographs is to use a vintage camera. Then again you can just connect a 1908 lens to a modern dslr with great results. [Thanks MS3FGX]

Cheap iPad mounting bracket

Need a way to hang your iPad but don’t want to spend some bucks? [Tumbleweed] used a $3 plate hanger to do the trick.

Hand engraving

You can get free laser engraving when you buy an iPhone but it won’t look as good as this does. [Viljo Marrandi] spent eight hours on this, but most of the time was spent resharpening tools dulled by the tough metal.

Let time prevent your computer from going idle

Want to keep your screen saver from running? No need to change settings, software, or use special hardware. Just set your mouse on an analog watch and let the moving hands jiggle it around. [Thanks Lovro]

21 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: October 10, 2010

  1. yep submitted a quickie for the weekend round up last monday, apparently got bumped for a dupe article

    please hack a day, call me when you get your shit straight, no submission TOS before I bitched and dupe your own articles…

    what? are you totally incompetent or just that fucking stupid

  2. Also submitted an application nearly a month ago, and have never heard back

    Are you dicking us around or are you too precious to send a “sorry but piss off” email in your busy schedules of duping articles

  3. “Want to keep your screen saver from running? No need to change settings, software, or use special hardware.”

    HUH? What kind of special hardware is needed to keep your screen saver from running? If this hardware does indeed exist, who makes it? Why? What kind of OS offers a screen saver but no option to turn it on or off?

  4. Our company has a rule that all laptops need to have a screen saver set to lock the screen before 1/2 hour unattended. Understandable in a cube, but if I’m home watching a DVD, not so useful. I wrote the following AutoIT script and have used it for the past 2 years without incident. I run it whenever I boot at home. It programatically wiggles the mouse right before the saver kicks in:

    dim $lastPos[2]
    dim $curPos[2]
    $lastPos = MouseGetPos()
    $startTime = TimerInit()
    $dire = 10
    While $x < 100 ;infinite loop
    $interval = RegRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop", "ScreenSaveTimeOut") -20
    $curPos = MouseGetPos()
    if (($lastPos[0] $curPos[0])or ($lastPos[0] $curPos[0])) Then
    $lastPos = $curPos
    $startTime = TimerInit()
    $dif = round(TimerDiff($startTime)/1000)
    if $dif >= $interval Then
    if ((($lastPos[0] == 0) and ($lastPos[1] == 0)) and $dire < 0) then
    $dire = $dire * -1
    MouseMove($lastPos[0] + $dire, $lastPos[1] +$dire)
    $startTime = TimerInit()
    $dire = $dire * -1

  5. Viljo Marrandi is a master engraver of over twenty years. He and his father are considered two of the best engravers and knifemakers in all of eastern Europe. He gets jobs from all over the world- he even has a Washington, DC based contact.

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