Marx Generator, Knocks Our Rocks Off

What weighs more than 500 pounds, produces 500 kilovolts, and we don’t recommend you try at home in any way shape or form? If you guessed a rock disaggregation device, you’re correct! We also accepted lightning generators as correct answers. Using high voltage electricity, a rock can be split apart down to its grains without destroying the precious minerals inside; unlike traditional grinding and mechanical techniques that often ruin the sample. All it takes is a massive hydro pole transformer, five 1uf 100 kilovolt capacitors, eight hand wound inductors, and two massive cojones to stand within 20 feet of the thing while it’s going off. Video after the divide.

52 thoughts on “Marx Generator, Knocks Our Rocks Off

  1. I have read with great interest about your 500kV Marx generator and am really thinking of how to put this beast into useful work of drilling boreholes in Africa using an array of electrodes and a dielectric(de-inonised water) fluid. Do you have any ideas how this could be advanced to a more practical drilling rig for boreholes and also how the frequency of the pulses can be controlled?

    Thank you and keep up the good work will send you my design of the drilling head arrangement.


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