Interface Up To 12 Servos Using Arduino

[Brian] is using an Arduino to control multiple servo motors. This is nothing new and has been happening since the earliest days of Arduino. But rather than develop a project and share it, [Brian] did a fantastic job of making the code scalable, readable, and even explained how the different parts work.

His code listens for serial commands and manipulates the motors accordingly. He wrote a Python script using pyserial which talks to the Arduino. As an example, he uses a joystick to send data for X and Y axes as well as pitch and roll. Want to know how those serial communications work? He explains that in detail. He also outlines the process of scaling up from the 4 servo demo to 12 servos on a standard Arduino. Sounds like it might be time to build your own version of a mouse-controlled Lynxmotion arm using the tools [Brian] has put together.

5 thoughts on “Interface Up To 12 Servos Using Arduino

  1. Yep, this code is originally from 2008 — I know because I wrote it!! (Although it has been updated several times.) It never ceases to amaze me how many hits this project gets, and how many people have used my code to jumpstart their own projects.

    Thanks to Hack a Day for (re)posting this, and thanks to everyone for their great comments and support. It’s nice to know your work can benefit others. OSS rules!

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