Tardis Tree Topper

If your holiday tradition means waiting until Christmas to decorate the tree, it’s not too late. Build yourself Dr. Who’s Tardis as a tree topper. [Hybrid Blue] just finished the project, with includes illumination which you can see in the video after the break. The structure is made from balsa wood, painted, then filled with Arduino driven RGB LEDs. It’s sure to please the time lord in your family.


14 thoughts on “Tardis Tree Topper

  1. I was going to say the same thing about the Arduino, but its not like he used a diecimila. It’s just an atmega168 on what looks like an IC socket. That I think is okay. No need using a $35 development board when $3 in parts will suffice.
    All in all nice tree topper.

  2. I would expect a true hacker to get the whir/whoosh/squee sound it makes as it fades in and out, or at least make the LED on top pulse.

    And for the hardcore hacker, I want to see some teleportation through time and space!

  3. Hi All,
    Yeah, i know the “Arduino” is a lot of overkill… Though because of how its wired up its easy for me to remove it for other projects while this is in storage. Ive also considered making it work as an email notifier later in the year. The sound will be included at some point ;) but i wanted to come up with a not-so-annoying way to trigger it (proximity sensor?).

    The LED on the top is pulsing just not very well, ive got to rewire it a little and modify the code on the chip as it was a bit of an after thought ;)

    Thanks for all the comments guys!

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