OLED Displays And Small Microcontrollers

If you’ve ever thought of utilizing a small and inexpensive OLED display in your project [Rossum] has the details you need to get started. In the past we’ve seen him take a tour of available LCD screens and this is much the same, detailing his look at three different models. In the video after the break each is connected to a driver board that he made. The boards have two important components, the first is a boost driver for the 12-16V input the screens need, the second is an octal buffer necessary if you are using a 5V microcontroller. These take care of the hardware considerations, making it simple to drive them with a chip of your choosing.


22 thoughts on “OLED Displays And Small Microcontrollers

  1. I can only seem to find LD50T5128M based oleds on Taobao. Any word whether these support SPI too (datasheet for the display suggests parallel only), or do you have a link for the LD50T6160 ones you used?

  2. @rossum Cool thanks. I almost bought one of those before but couldn’t find any data. I also have a couple of the KOLON displays. Top write up on your blog once again.

    Are you or is anyone else going to sell your designs ready built up, esp the smart LCD one?

  3. I’m not familiar with these different screens? Are any one of them the iPod screen from the last HAD entry?

    It would be nice to have something that isn’t here today and gone tomorrow. To me, that would be key.

  4. badmusic++

    Stopped watching after a few seconds. If people want their videos viewed by a number of people, simple answer is don’t put music on; not everybody has the same taste in music and it just destroys the video.

  5. for the longest time I’ve wanted to mount a small camera on the back of my motorcycle so I dont have to turn arround to switch lanes and such. I wonder if we could make some cellphone cams work with these small screens. That would be the bomb.

  6. Rossum, thanks for another trip into cheap LCDs, I’ve played with the arduino based 132×132 shields and its nice to see all these other much much cheaper panels splayed open for us, really appreciated the little tips on how to use an LA to find stuff :)

    @ everyone moaning, Seriously guys is that all you can focus on, the music.

    How about you mute your own speakers, too much to ask of yourself?

    I wonder if rossum really cares that much if you like the music, or get the information that he’s given up for free?

    I guess if you want to miss out on things due to your own petty mindedness then more power to ya, right?

  7. Humm person puts up a free video tutorial and puts on music they like.
    Others say, “If you want people to watch your free tutorial you shouldn’t put music on it.”
    Or better they say, “I didn’t watch the free tutorial because I don’t like you music.”
    Well I have a solution for you. For a low $75 a week you can go to my website crybabies.com and view these videos without the music. Cash in advance please.

  8. Not having heard of Taobao before, is it possible for people outside china to order things like lcds from them in small quantities? A quick search suggests going through brokers but that doesn’t sound like it would be practical for a couple of lcds – how are you folks ordering these?

  9. @robmora: it generally works fine. broker fees range 10-15% plus paypal’s merchant premium. China airmail works out very cheap and they charge per 100g weight. Remember you are also paying the internal mail fee seller to broker which will be listed on taobao. This might be about a dollar or two.

    Google will turn up lots of brokers and a few advertise on Ebay. Note that most are used to dealing in knock-off clothes rather than electronic components. If you give the links to the exact items this shouldn’t be a problem tho.

    So, for just a couple of OLEDs, it’s pricey but not excessive. Combine the order with some other stuff and it gets very cheap.

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