Take Your PS3 On World Tour

[Lossfresnos65] must be planning to do a lot of travelling because he’s entombed his PlayStation 3 in a Pelican case. Inside you’ll find some diamond-plate bezel to cover the console itself and used to surround the 19-inch high-definition television that is mounted to the lid of the case. In the picture above you see the door that lifts to reveal foam cutouts for a TV remote and two six-axis controllers. There’s no battery and no wireless Internet, but connection for the power cord, Ethernet, component video, and HDMI have an external port on the base of the enclosure. There’s also two fans to keep everything cool, and on the front you’ll find two USB ports and a headphone jack. After the break he shows off the finished product but there’s no internal build photos to be found. We linked his forum post at the top as ask him and perhaps he’ll deliver the goods.


22 thoughts on “Take Your PS3 On World Tour

  1. @DJ – You seem to be basing a the term hack purely on the abstracted idea/concept behind one. IF you have ever had to make or modify a project box to fit all those components you spent weeks on making do something, then you will appreciate this hack. It may seem trivial, but a functional exterior to protect a valuable interior is hack-worthy in my book.

  2. I guess DJ’s definition of a hack is something with a microcontroller.

    Also, I’d dare anyone to take this on a world tour. TSA would be having a field day with this one, and bomb squad would likely blow up your enclosure.

    My question with a case like this would be: how much is a rugged case really going to help the durability? It doesn’t seem like the laser optics are particularly durable, and it doesn’t look like he built much (if any) shock absorption into the case.

  3. I would probably put the fan and other penetrations under the lid, so the case itself could be airtight. This would make it resistant to moisture and dust when transporting.

  4. @Mike i was thinking the same thing. If you send a pelican case through the x-ray and they see metal plates and circuitry, the next thing you now it will be spread across the tarmac in a million pieces and you’ll have a TSA workers hand some where you don’t want it!!!! And that’s if you’re lucky

  5. Dont install update 3.56 update on your ps3 because it allows remote code execution so sony can have fll control on your whole console.It sends all your logs (games youve played) and more to sony its like spyware. Dont install it!It can now do updates without telling you and works like a rootkit

  6. @PocketBrain

    I agree. It kind of defeats the purpose of even putting this inside a case. Actually, it’s probably worse off like this now than it was inside the original casing. i’m surprised he didn’t make some type of modular plug(s) out of the current waterproof dustproof sockets.

    through it all though, great hack! I love to see people find new ways to carry their hardware around.

  7. The grammar really needs to improve on HAD.
    Two examples:

    “There’s also two fans…”
    “…there’s no internal build photos…”
    ‘there’s’ is the contraction of ‘there’ and ‘is.’
    “There is also two fans” and “there is no internal build photos” do not make any sense.

  8. The stupid TSA rhetoric can take a hike too.

    People ship sophisticated electronics every day.

    If you had it together to build this, then you have it together to ship it properly, using established methods.


  9. Ship them yes…take them on a plane from Phoenix ti Minneapolis…probably not The way the TSA was eyefucking my netbook (because it isn’t a plastic case POS acer) I thought they were going to rip it apart right there on the spot! and no it isn’t some custom thing I put together it is just an HP 5102

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