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Sometimes projects are vast, complicated, and complex. Other times projects are a bit more on the simple. Today we thought we would share a couple projects with something in common that may be familiar sounding to the more experienced crowd, but may inspire a few readers new to the world of microcontrollers.

First off, a cool decor tip looking to snazz up a college residence or bar is a guide for lighting up a shelf of liquor bottles using an Arduino to control a few RGB LEDs. This guide includes easy to follow schematics, source code, and a good explanation of using transistors to drive higher current to the LEDs than the Arduino could provide.

This six finger drum machine uses a Drum Kit – Kit AI to take in values from piezo sensors and convert those values into MIDI information to be used by either a hardware MIDI controller or PC. We like the CNC cut hand, and the design considerations put into it (like vibration buffering)

When moving beyond the buttons and LEDs in every starter kit out there, PIR motion sensors are usually a good next step. [LemonSlice] even goes so far as to add a a pair of XBees for making this motion sensor a little more autonomous.

15 thoughts on “Today’s Arduino Minute

  1. I recently purchased an Arduino Diecimila. I’ve been trying to find good reading resources with emphisis on building a foundation on which to get me started. I found the following books useful in helping me understand more on the Arduino projects offered here on HOD.

    – Getting Started with Arduino, Massimo Banzi (Co-founder of Arduino) printed by O’Reilly Press. A great beginners guide with the basics to build on.

    – Programming Interactivity – Joshua Noble and O’Reilly press – A great resource for anyone trying to learn to interface the Arduino with just about anything.

    – Making Things Talk, Tom Igoe on O’Reilly Press – To be honest I haven’t bought this one yet, but I did browse through it at the electronics store and found some interesting “How to” articles right out of Make Magazine.

    I know there is a lot more out there. These are just a few of the one’s I’ve come across while looking locally. Any other recommendations are greatly appreciated.

    I really have to thank the HOD staff and all the authors for the “Daily Arduino minute” articles. I am new to the Arduino programming world and really enjoying it thanks to all the great projects.


  2. I’m a huge fan of Arduino, I don’t really care what people say.

    It’s totally subjective and painted with personal bias but I feel like the number of projects and creations involving microcontrollers has really increased since Arduino came out.

    I don’t seem to recall the same amount of Basic Stamp and Pic projects.

    Sure, making an LED blink is overkill but there is a lot of really great stuff going on with Arduino’s.

    In fact if I get stuck on some things I actually do a google search for whatever I’m stuck on plus arduino.

    I might not use the Arduino solution but it makes for a quick and easy access to the info I need.

  3. arduinos are o.k., no problem, but what about a PICAXE moment now and again? probably some folks have never heard of them. why? because nobody can hear anything with all this noise about these arduinos (which are great, don’t get me wrong).

  4. @Joegeek

    You wouldn’t believe it, but the only “arduino” you have there is a third party circuit board. What you are actually working with is an atmel processor, and there are unlimited resources for these on the internet. Look it up. You don’t need “arduino” projects to copy, just learn about Atmel and you’re all set ;)

  5. Vodka bottle lighting was a cool project. Seems to work well and is plenty hackable for most folks. Unless I missed something, it’s way too bad that the underlying code is held hostage at Instructables unless/until you pay their fee to release it.

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