Brain Car Interface

The AutoNOMOS labs project has found a new way to maneuver its vehicles, your brain. We have looked at a previous version that uses a mostly computerized van under remote control from an iPhone. This one however, named “Brain Driver”, places the operator in the driver’s seat with an EEG strapped to their head.

Going for a more sporty look, the current vehicle is a drive-by-wire Volkswagen Passat wagon filled to the brim with fun toys like LIDAR/ RADAR sensor technology, cameras, and a specialized GPS. The EEG interface is a commercially available Emotiv model, and after a few rounds of training on safe ground, the driver is placed in control of the car.

In one demonstration the car approaches a 4 way intersection, the driver only has to think left or right and the car (intelligently) navigates the turn after coming to a proper stop, and checking for obstacles. In the second demo car and driver are let loose on an unused airport to test responsiveness.

If you like brains, cars, robots, and spinning lasers join us after the break for a video.


9 thoughts on “Brain Car Interface

  1. Drivers find it difficult to concentrate at the best of times. I was driving down a Texas highway at 65 mph and another driver passed me with the cell phone jammed between her shoulder and head whilst putting on eye liner using both hands. This project scares the pants off me if it ever makes it into production.

    “Turn left here”, “no the other left” I had to tell my partner. That says it all.

  2. Hmmm, imagine how this would work if someone were getting directions while driving. Committing the next few turns to memory while intending to move forward could cause some unwanted results.

  3. Guys, who cares about whether this can be used to drive real cars autonomously or not? I agree that driving is good as it is, and there is no need for robots. However, it is AMAZING how they are combining autonomous vehicle control and interpreting brain commands. Great going! Keep it up!

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