Wristwatch Turntables

Ever wish you could DJ on the fly while using equipment that your already wearing? Well neither have we but heck now we can, cheaply and easily with the Wristwatch Turntables. While being functional and stylish, this interesting project is fairly easy to construct and if need be, even sports a full function digital watch.

The audio electronics are donated by a pair of talking / musical  greeting cards. Both, “record your own” and “just deal with what we give you” types, though which ones you choose is left up to your taste. The greeting cards are then cut apart for their hidden goodies and then a little circuit bending action is performed to monkey with the amplifier of the sound module.

Potentiometers are added, buttons are relocated, and everything gets housed in a small box, with a wristwatch ran down the middle so you can wear the whole deal and blast your funky beats anywhere you may be. Join us after the break for a quick video.


7 thoughts on “Wristwatch Turntables

  1. “Ever wish you could DJ on the fly while using equipment that your already wearing? ”

    Nope, never. even “dj’ing” in the smaller pro fake turntables sucks compared to a set of real ones.

    That thing is nothing but an exercise in frustration.

  2. those audio cards are fun to play with
    i hooked up a motor to the battery and capacitor, it runs and if you stop the motor with your hands it stops the music slowly like a stab

    you can also spin the motor and make the clip start and run at various speeds
    also using the pot/timing resistor hack

  3. totally doesn’t work as a watch. you’d have to take your watch off just to put your coat on.. or to take your shirt off.. or wipe your butt. come to think of it, I don’t think I could drive with a black box on my wrist. what if the fresh dj jams go me going and I busted into a dance? I would probably knock people out with my brick wrist.

    some dude- “yo, what time is it?”

    wrist dj- “I dunno. I’m a DJ. yo, check it..” *crunch* *scrape* *phychology-logy-gy-gy* *lo-fi noise*

    some dude- “hey man, I think your blood pressure monitor is broken. I hope you don’t die or something”

    wrist dj- “eff all that noise. I’m a DJ and this be my jamz. here we go!..” *crunch* *re-reverse* *phy* *bzzzt* “yeah. that shit’s dope yall!”

    some dude- “never mind what I said. I do hope you die.”

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