Hackaday Links: April 16, 2011

Induction cook top provides power too

We’re familiar with induction cook tops but we never thought to power a microcontroller with one. [Thanks Hadez]

Ping-Pong Uranium

We’ve been big fans of the chain reaction demonstration using ping-pong balls and mouse traps ever since we saw [Mr. Wizard] do it back in the day. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out this demonstration that is analogous of a fission reaction. [Thanks nateL]

Phone tripod enclosure

If you’re interested in using your smart phone for some photography, [Mike] has a nice wood and elastic mount for an iPhone which you might try yourself.

Bicycle snow tires

Admittedly we’re a bit late on this one. But keep it in mind for next year: you can use some zip ties for added traction on your bike when it snows. [Thanks Rob]

Now you can BE mario

A little Kinect script lets this gentleman play Super Mario Bros. with his body. Now you can have all the fun that goes along with being a pixellated character stuck in a two-dimensional environment (plus, there are shrooms). [Thanks Das_Coach via Slashdot]

8 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: April 16, 2011

  1. You also can’t use the zip ties on any bike where the brakes are applied at the rim. This includes nearly all bikes affordable enough to make studded tires look like a significant investment.

  2. That Mario demo was posted way back in November. Really? Just a little spit and polish; and it probably runs a lot better now. He missed that last jump with the raccoon suit. :(

  3. Yea, wide rims and snow tires are the only way to roll on ice. I had a set that was custom made in Fairbanks, but taco’d it after some dumb ass pulled out in front of me.

    Ha! Love seeing the taco’d reference to something that’s not a LiPO!

  4. Yay ping pong ball fission!

    I remember doing this experiment for a project in 6th grade, but could only afford 16 mouse traps and not quite 32 ping pong balls. It fired all the traps too quickly to be much fun. I always wanted to see a grand, full-scale version! Thanks!

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