WonderHowTo Inteview Of [Matthias Wandel]

If you’re an avid Hackaday reader chances are that you immediately recognized [Matthias Wandel’s] name. He’s been featured many many times to go along with his many many talents. Most notably, his ability to do some amazing things with wood. But really, it’s the idea that counts, and he seems to have a duffle bag full of them. [Rachel adn Justin] over at WonderHowTo recently published a full interview with Mattias. In it he shares his thoughts on where some of these ideas come from, how he approaches his projects, and even shares some advice for those just getting started.

This is usually the time where we make a witty remark and try to work in links to feature articles from the past. If we were limited to just one it would be pretty tough (although there’s a special place in our hearts for the wasp sucker). Luckily we’re not limited, so here’s a list of some of [Matthias’] projects which Hackaday covered previously:

2 thoughts on “WonderHowTo Inteview Of [Matthias Wandel]

  1. Its great to see this on hackaday. I’ve been following woodgears.ca already for a couple years. Matthias Wandel makes great wood-machines I specially like the marble machines like the binary adding machine.


  2. I too have been following his videos and discovered woodgears.ca awhile back.

    very good approach to design, as an engineering student I consistently notice that there is certainly alot of validity to his methods

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