Awesome Fan-powered Frankenscooter


We believe that some of the best things in life are built from half-assed ideas and held together with duct tape. Take this fan-powered Razor scooter [Charles Guan] built, for example – it’s chock full of both.

Having built a ducted fan-powered shopping cart in the past [Charles] is no stranger to ridiculous ideas. After a friend sent him a mockup of a fan powered scooter, he felt that he couldn’t “…take such an absurd image not seriously.”

Determined to make his fan-powered dreams a reality, he hunted around for Razor scooter parts, and managed to scavenge just about everything he needed. Parts of three scooters were welded together, forming the wide-stanced trike you see in the picture above. He mounted a fan and some battery packs onto the scooter, both similar to those found on his Fankart. Once everything was in place, he hit the streets.

As you can see in the video below, the Fanscooter looks as fun as it is loud. [Charles] says they have hit a top speed of about 10 mph thus far, but they should be able to blow past that once they balance the blades and have a victim tester willing to suspend his babymakers over the fan duct. Keep your eyes on his site, we’re sure to see some tweaks and improvements over the coming weeks.


22 thoughts on “Awesome Fan-powered Frankenscooter

  1. LOL! No brakes at all, and the police car didn’t even care to stop.
    You can make the thing much more quiet by carefully choosing the right propeller.
    This will always be a ton less efficient than a wheeled cart, but has its uses. A floating one for next summer for example, but keep both eyes on salt water insulation because it would kill the electronics in no time.

  2. Well, I’ve never heard anyone refer to their chaps as “babymakers”, I thought that euphemism was reserved for the opposite gender’s vulnerables.

    Looks fun, if a bit hard to steer because of how stable it is.

  3. @wbbigdave

    Yes, it is spelled and pronounced “duct” tape, it just sounds like “duck tape” when people are too lazy to pronounce the double “T” sound.

  4. Oh yes, babymakers are the two veg to go with your meat lol.

    In all seriousness that is hillarious. some police work though huh lol! he didnt even stop! i lol’ed hard at that part. god forbid that fan goes crazy and someones “plate” will only have meat left… possibly nothing.

    Awsome build though, super fun i bet.

  5. @brennan – some people ax too many questions.i saw a show on tv some time ago that claimed that duct tape was good for everything except what it was meant to do, seal ducts. my dad did some pretty ridiculous body work on a vw microbus with duct looked stupid for a very long time, though.

  6. Not sure why people are saying it can’t turn when he navigates 3 90-degree turns in the video… by LEANING… maybe it can’t turn sharply but it can turn.

    Also not sure why the LOL that the cop car didn’t stop. Using a fan in public = not illegal. Going 10 mph on a scooter = not illegal. Operating it in the middle of the road, maybe an issue, but all in all not enough to really concern a police officer. If he DID stop I would have thought he was being a dick. But I guess kids like to feel like they’re a lot more anti-establishment than they really are so go ahead and LOL that the cops weren’t concerned about your scooter… :S

  7. wow that’s crazy inventive. I can’t possibly imagine anyone could come up with anything more along these lines. I mean there’s obviously not many options for strapping a ducted fan to something with wheels on it….the mind boggles.

  8. Great job on the big hole through the aluminum fan mounting plate. But.. that little aluminum tab is all that holds the fan to the scooter? Really? That seems doomed to crack over time, with so much force concentrated at the root.

    It would have been better if the base plate ran the entire width of the fan. It wouldn’t add much weight, especially with some cool looking lightening holes bored.

    But then again, maybe you want the entire fan and battery assembly to blow clear in a crash :P

  9. Love how ignorant people are and making fun of something that CLEARLY wasn’t meant to be serious.
    For one it takes turns like any other scooter (turning the bar, what did you guys think? o.o) and second it has brakes, one on each side.
    Give the guy a break

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