We Know “Mario’s Early Years” Was A Let Down, But This Takes It A Bit Too Far.

[JJ Hendricks] wrote in to tell us about his SNES cartridge urinal. The fully functional urinal is constructed with 40 SNES cartridges and sealed up with polyurethane. The base of the whole operation is actually not a puddle of festering urine, but instead poured polyurethane that ensures proper flow through the drain. You heard right, this urinal actually flushes! As a bit of consolation [Hendricks] plainly states in the directions:No good games were damaged in the making of this video. All the video games used in this urinal were already broken or worthless sports games”. We have featured some SNES cartridge readers before, so now you have something to do with all the leftover hardware! Gross.


27 thoughts on “We Know “Mario’s Early Years” Was A Let Down, But This Takes It A Bit Too Far.

  1. Yea when they said it was sealed in polyurethane, I assumed they meant all of the cartridges were put together then one huge coat of the stuff over everything, so as the polyurethane was the only exposed surface…
    That at least would have been hygenic and easily cleaned.

    This mess will be just that. Eww, and wait until the paper labels start pealing off
    *Insert Mr Yuck face*

    how sad
    I have that game. It’s fun to play with friends!
    and for the rest
    All those donor carts gone… would have been great for homebrew

  3. some things just shouldn’t happen. for instance, bag hangers that hang your purse off the table. this is about as useless as a motorcycles ashtray. All crap aside though, from an artistic pov this would be an awesome piece to feature in a gallery with similar projects. I can just imagine an entire tub built with that shitty ET game on Atari. Bonus points if he makes a commode and makes TP out of the labels from the carts he used.

  4. I rewatched the video and the only part that has a urethane coating was the drain. The rest of it does not appear to or if it does, it is so thin that it only serves to protect the labels but does not cover the nooks and crannies of the cartridges, so to speak. So cleaning this means breaking out the toothbrush. Not fun.

  5. I read the guide that came with this and the creator does list that he sprays polyurethane on all of the cartridges. It’s not a completely flat surface, but I doubt it would be that hard to clean like some of the people above are saying.

  6. So this is not imaginative? Give me break. While I’m not moved to duplicate it, it’s still imaginative IMO. Me I’d hunt down one of those foot operated flush valve sometimes still seen in US government buildings. The hand of the last guy to flush may be using the hand he just held his wiener with.

  7. I would rather touch a wiener than a hand. Both are just skin but a hand touches thousands of things a day. Probably can’t say that about a wiener. Unless you are *really* talented.

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