Devil Horns Adorn The Hood Of My Truck

When you’re hunting zombies you’ve got to give them something to fear. [Shannon Larratt] is getting ready for that eventuality by adding devil horns as his hood ornament. It looks awesome from afar, but when you see the close-up images you realize how lifelike this is. That’s because it’s not a sculpture. [Shannon] cast the ornament in a mold made from his own hand.

The process started with some dental alginate which he slobbered all over his hand as he held the devil horns pose. After the mold had hardened he cast the ornament using fast-curing black plastic resin.

With the ornament now in hand he needed a way to secure it to the hood of his vehicle. He picked up a threaded U-bolt. A hole and a slot were carved in the base of the ornament to receive the U-bold and a straight bolt for a trio of anchor points. More of the black resin fills the holes, securing the bolts and making it a snap to mount the ornament by drilling through the hood.

We also find it awesome that during this process [Shannon] took the time to cast his daughter’s fist for use as a door knob at home.

31 thoughts on “Devil Horns Adorn The Hood Of My Truck

  1. As … interesting as this is – is this really a hack? It seems to be more of an aesthetic addition than a functional hack. Man makes alginate mold and pours in casting resin then mounts on truck hood. Not saying it is pointless or useless or anything like that but what does it “do”?

  2. This is a site about hacking, if you can’t find a way to apply the process and adapt it to your own purposes, than maybe you shouldn’t be on this site?

  3. Nice hack. I hope the base is not spring loaded, because the pointy fingers can serve dual purpose you know. Not only do they improve your aiming when hunting for pedestrians, they also ensure that whoever you hit will certainly have their guts splattered all over the hood, if the winch hook doesn’t manage to do its job properly beforehand.

  4. chirp, chirp chirp crickets…..
    Yea… ahh. I would have to give this a 0.5 on the HAD scale. Of course we should all be thankful that he didn’t make a mold and cast another part of his body and put it on the hood.

  5. This is as “hack” as any case mod project for example (to say nothing of the more serious hacks to the vehicle mechanically). I realize that it might not fit the stereotype that people expect of the site but many of the same techniques are used. Don’t make yourself seem classist or culturally prejudiced by writing it off because it seems trashy.

    This is my truck BTW. If you prefer more stereotypical posts, well, I suppose skip this one or feel free to look at my blog as well to see the work I’ve done with electronics, microcontrollers, casemods, and other more obvious “hacks”. Either way I’m a big fan of this blog and happy to see my work here and not too concerned about people who don’t get it or want to distance themselves from it.

  6. This is about casting something, anything, for you to use wherever you want.

    Do you want a custom case for your arduino? You can make it.

    Do you want to make your own computer case? You can.

    Do you want to make a 3d version of one of those hack-a-day sculls? Follow what this guy did and you’re able.

  7. Don’t do it in Europe..the cops will get ya….

    EC DIRECTIVE 74/483

    6. PARTICULAR SPECIFICATIONS 6.1. Ornaments 6.1.1. Added ornaments which project more than 10 mm from their support shall retract, become detached or bend over under a force of 10 daN exerted at their most salient point in any direction in a plane approximately parallel to the surface on which they are mounted. These provisions shall not apply to ornaments on radiator grilles, to which only the general requirements of item 5 shall apply.

  8. @Maloushe BAsicly it means if a person hits your orniment then it needs to move rather then impale them. once again. magnets would solve it. If you needed it to not be completely removed use a bit of steel cable to loosely attach it to the hood

  9. @vonskippy, the funny thing is you getting all butthurt and taking it seriously, seemingly unaware that this is something done with humor, and even akin to some kind of nerdy cosplay fun. I’m alright with my penis, thanks for having it be the topic of your thoughts. I must ask though if they have a support group for men with small senses of humor in your area. Haha.

  10. The dude should at least pay his respects to the late Ronnie James Dio (one of the true heavy metal gods).

    If it wasn’t for him, the “devil horn” thing never would’ve caught on.

  11. @Zizzle Because nobody in Europe drives a LandRover, RangeRover, BMWX3, BMWX5, Mercedes G class or S class, or Volvo SUV… they all drive smartcars that run off of fairy farts.
    Oh and Toronto is in Canada. That is the problem with Europeans they think Europe is the center of the world and don’t even know the difference between the US and Canada.

  12. @lwatcdr Lol @ your first comment, fairy farts. It is true though, we do drive some fairly hefty stuff in the UK, but even they provide better fuel economy, but its economies of scale, we pay rotten prices for cars.

    Although your second point is way off. First of all I don’t think their are many people in Europe with a ‘European’ identity. They locate themselves to their respective countries, generally distrust/hate anyone else in the EU, and blame them for their respective countries debts/diseased crops/pregnant teens etc.

    As for the post, I declare it a hack. Case modding up above makes a good comparison, this is about re-purposing/altering something to suit your requirements, beyond the manufacturers original intention/specification.

    Also kudos to the EU law geek who provided the the reference to the regs on why Jaguars now have what looks like a moon face on the bonnet.

  13. @JohnM Yeah, Deo did start the bull horn thing kinda… He got it from his mom who was warding off evil spirits with holy water and the sign of the bull. The bull horn sign is old and has many interpretations. But much like you when I see it I remember Dio too! :)

  14. hackaday bringing people together since …whenever…i’ve seen this truck in my area a few times , like the finger on the license plate a nice touch of creepy…(by the by i was the one who talked to you at the gas station on friday)

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